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What did we do before the search engine? Just imagining it brings back memories of the Internet before most people today ever used it. However, search engines with their algorithms and ways of learning our habits also come up with some pretty ridiculous results and suggestions. So check out the best of the best search engine comedy.

Funny dank memes about page 2 of a Google search

'Google Page Two' Memes From The Strangest Depths Of The Internet

It could be said that we take Google for granted, and they make it really easy for us. The search engine provides answers to our most pressing (and stupid) queries and pushes the most useful information to the top. It's rare that we make it halfway through the results. We save that for creepily searching our dates. Anyway, it's even rarer that we bravely push forward to the second page of results. The second page is a dark and mysterious place, where things that are only slightly relevant to yo…
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24 Comically Clever 'TL;DR Wikipedia' Posts

If Wikipedia had a word limit
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Monday Thru Friday: Bing, We Need to Talk

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