couriers, uber eats, door dash, caviar, grub hub, delivery, service industry, service industry memes, work memes, relatable memes, customer service, memes, funny memes, essential workers, 2020 memes, tipping, funny, funny stories, seamless | Space @2kspaced Uber eats driver couldn't find my house so Reginald Lexus Look sky. Follow beacon. oh my god see | Leave at my door: My name is Yoshikage Kira 33 years old. My house is northeast section Morioh, where all villas are, and am not married work

Memes & Amusing Delivery Tales From Courier Warriors

Don't forget to tip your courier!
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Funny meme about waiting for your grubhub delivery when it costs $30 but the sandwich is $7, james gandolfini sitting on a stoop / stairs
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Funny tweets about how chuck e cheese is using the name pasqually's pizza to trick people into buying their pizza | Michael Mark @mrcoolmike_ Chuck E Cheese is selling their food as "Pasqually's Pizza" on food apps because no one wants order Chuck E. Cheese pizza delivery and think this is nominated as funniest part this pandemic | @jack2toxic Chuck E. Cheese trying sell pizza under another name: WINE SHOP SPROS RESTAURAN Shaq hiding behind a tree

Chuck E. Cheese Is Catfishing Online Customers & Everyone's Onto Them

Don't order Pasqually's pizza unless you're craving some cardboard nostalgia.
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