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Nightmarish Mascots for Halifax Oyster Festival Prompt Horror & Jokes

They have so many eyes...
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Stupendous Shrimp Memes In Celebration Of The Tastiest Crustacean

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Bugs Are Just Landfood

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Via thomasshifflett30

Get Your Sh*t Together

Depressing comic with instructions on how to make sushi
Via battenburgers

Pretty Much

Funny meme about seafood at grocery store.
Via Motchyyy

He Attac

Caption that reads, "I feel like this crab is threatening me" above a seafood advertisement with a pic of a crab and a text blurb that reads, "Get out of London"
Via NotDan1138

How People Seafood

How People View Me messy restaurant seafood see spaghetti - 5430902528
Created by GlitterStilla

Because He Fertilized My Caviar

delicious bacon seafood z Zoidberg - 5253357312
Created by ZombieRawkGod