When Your Friend Comes To You With The Realization That Her Boyfriend Actually *Was* A Scumbag All Along

Gif of Vladimir Putin humbly celebrating a Russian goal during the 2018 World Cup
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This Man Is A Genius

Guy who tricked someone into letting him wash his clothes in their washer/dryer
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L.A. Noire Logic

l-a-noire video game logic scumbag - 8332905728
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Scumbag Fallout Dad

scumbag fallout - 7625448704
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Scumbag Speaker

destiny scumbag - 8330222336
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Scumbag Grand Theft Auto Online Players

scumbag Grand Theft Auto Online video games - 7983394048
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Scumbag Park Guest

scumbag rollercoaster tycoon - 7958425600
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Scumbag Toilet

rage scumbag poop bathroom toilet - 8442020096
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scumbag ferrari car crash Video - 68497409

Scumbag Ferrari Causes a Car Crash

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Sorry for Giving Away the Story to Destiny

scumbag destiny video game logic - 8438044672
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"If My Calculations Are Correct, This May Take a Little Time"

scumbag destiny video game logic - 8317674240
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scumbag destiny bungie - 64363521

The Only Problem With Destiny

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Have the Answer to All of Life's Problems

bowling gta iv scumbag - 8314868480
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Scumbag Skyrim Things

scumbag Skyrim - 8302036224
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Scumbag Link

scumbag link zelda - 8295167232
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Scumbag Trash Talkers

scumbag Memes Scumbag Steve - 8256245760
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