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Art Teacher Destroys Students Sculpture Trying to “Improve It”

It looked so good!
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Funny Tumblr story about two artists, Anish Kapoor, Chicago, the bean, drama, petty

Tumblr Thread Recalls Hilariously Petty Art World Feud

We love the dumb drama.
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Funny parody tweets about how Michelangelo was only 24 years when he constructed the Pieta sculpture

'Michelangelo' Twitter Meme Highlights How Unsuccessful We All Are

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Funny memes about the 'Manspreading Chair'

The 'Manspreading Chair' Is Sparking A Crap-Ton Of Mocking Memes

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Is This Real

Caption that reads, "I'm sure this sculpture is supposed to be a statement on consumer culture or something, but all I can see if Jesus and Lenin trying REALLY HARD to make this whole co-parenting thing work as they take Mickey to his first day Kindergarten" above a pic of a statue of Lenin, Mickey Mouse and Jesus all holding hands
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Funny tweets about shirtless abe lincoln statues.

Thirst Trap Abe Lincoln Statue Is Driving Twitter Absolutely Wild

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Caption that reads, "When someone takes the last slice of pizza" below a pic of a sculpture of a baby putting its hand into a man's mouth
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Hot Damn

Funny meme about sexy sculptures of lucifer and art history.
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Funny meme of a statue that looks like it is saying no to a cigarette.
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Don't Spend It All In One Place

Funny meme of a guy who looks like a statue is slyly passing him money, compares it to when grandmas sneak you a couple bills.
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2017 Manure Sculptures

2017 is Already a Pretty Crappy Year Thanks to These Massive Manure Sculptures

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list snow sculpture winter - 715013

This Man's Awesome Snow Sculptures Will Make You Love Winter Again

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Paper Sculpture? Or Was There Something in My Drink?

GIF of a paper sculpture that is very trippy when pulled apart and put back together.

Keep Sculpting

stop motion mindwarp gifs sculpture skull - 8529948672
Created by Unknown

The Pig-a-phant

elephant pig sculpture wtf - 4969227264
Created by christellar

Even Snowmen Get Drunk

drunk sculpture snowman vomit wtf - 4853852416
Created by Snake73
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