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Professional Scuba Diver Goes Viral and Shares What It's Like Diving into the Nightmarish Abyss of a Murky Ocean with Sharks

“I salute to ppl like you. You really need to be calm, not scared, and definitely know a lot about marine life to do this.”
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Jaw Dropping Thread Explains What It’s Like To Be Swallowed By A Whale

Not something you hear about every day.
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I Ain't No Liar

Text conversation where someone asks what the other person is doing, person replies that they're signing some paperwork; person 1 pulls up a GPS of person 2 appearing to be underwater off of a coast, and person 2 replies with a pic of them underwater and signing some paperwork
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Sounds About Right

Caption that reads, "The relationship between your degree and your field of work" above a pic of a guy in a scuba suit walking around in the desert
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"I Like You, Human, I Kill You Last"

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Thumbs Up For Fish!

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The Fish Wants to Know if This is His Good Side

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Scuba Cat Prepares For Underwater Adventures

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Scuba Diving in a Newly Flooded Meadow

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Scuba Diving Chimp!

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Fish Face

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