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Strange & Insane TikTok Screenshots Which Prove It Is The Most Chaotic Platform

People are wild
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Cringey Messages & Pathetic Pick Up Lines From Desperate Softbois

What is a softboi ? If you've ever received a flirty unsolicited message from someone who speaks in platitudes, drops backhanded compliments that simultaneously flatter and insult, or talks at length about how "different" they are, then you likely already know. Thanks to @beam_me_up_softboi 's archive of weird DMs from pick-up artists, sapiosexuals, and self-proclaimed ' nice guys ,' we've amassed a very cringe compilation of receipts that prove how low softbois can go.
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30+ Amusing Reddit Posts Without Context

Reddit dot com can be a pretty intimidating corner of the internet for those unaccustomed to forum-based online communities. You can easily get sucked into Reddit rabbit holes and lose your way if you don't know what you're doing. Only the bravest redditors sort by 'new' rather than 'top,' but in doing so, you're opening yourself up to a world of Reddit that is unknown to most. Hiding among the worst of the worst posts are hilarious gems that got buried somewhere along the way. Thanks to account
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Sad & Cringey Moments That Can't Be Taken Back

Embarrassing stuff
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53 Hilarious Memes For Glorious Time-Wasting

Say goodbye to boredom
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Best Of Luck...

Funny meme about guy and girl out, girl has printed screenshots | RIP BRO
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Boyfriends HATE Him!

Funny meme about screen shotting as a surprise tool that will help you later
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Wanna Bet?

Funny meme about using screen shots as proof.
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According To My Records...

Funny meme about girlfriends screenshotting conversations.
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The Difference Between a Promotional Shot and Actual Gameplay

gameplay screenshots trailers Grand Theft Auto - 7341202944
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More Text is the Way to Go

text screenshots - 8281102080
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list screenshots video games - 236037

Bad Screenshots From Otherwise Good Looking Video Games

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No Screenshots for Fapping

gaming screenshots - 8124535296
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Bethesda's New Game is Horrifying

news the evil within bethesda IGN screenshots video games - 7360013312

These New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Are Awesome

grand theft auto v screenshots video games Rockstar Games - 7170786304
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

screenshots lenny face - 8213529344
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