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Today In Things That Will Break A Macbook: A Single Grain Of Chipotle Rice

Apple products may have many strengths, but durability sure isn’t one of them. Every iPhone or MacBook user has endured the delights of smashed screens and dwindling battery life at some point or another, no matter how carefully they use their electronics. It has got to a point where the reasons for malfunctioning devices are starting to get pretty ridiculous, as @kaxamdays had the misfortune to find out recently. After eating Chipotle near their MacBook, they closed it with a single grain of r…
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ipad me gusta Rage Comics screen television - 4733383936
By Icanhasabigcheezeburgerorelse

The Screen Is a Little Big

crossword glasses funny screen - 8441917696
By Unknown

Now With Extra Spritz!

are you kidding me coke screen - 6683440640
By Unknown

Wider, For Her Pleasure

iphone pleasure screen - 6626161408
By finjaftw

Dammit, Not Again!

gifs punch screen - 6619510016
By WailingWalrus


apple idea iphone screen - 6594146304
By Unknown


kid paparazzi privacy screen wtf - 6546679808
By fareon

My Error Screen's Sentient

argument is invalid error screen seems legit - 6320272128
By Unknown


flat hilarious screen TV wtf - 5975968768
By lofyrann

First World Problems: Only Got Second Place...

First World Problems Mario Kart screen video games wrong - 5507742720
By Unknown

Success Kid: On Rainbow Road, Even!

Mario Kart nintendo screen success kid video games - 5466039040
See all captions By Unknown

You Dawg, I Heard You Liked Your Screen

Inception screen yo dawg - 5406498304
By chutiya

Yo Philosoraptor, I Heard You Like TVs

camera film philosoraptor screen television yo dawg - 5387049472
By mcmilstead

The Best Things In Life Are Free

broken ipod screen Yahoo Answer Fails - 5308998400
By TehYumYumMan

Hope You're Feeling Lucky

google laptop marker screen - 5247227648
By Unknown
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