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Rowdy Airline Passenger Throws Tantrum Because of Crying Baby, Gets Arrested

There are very few places where adults are punished for acting a fool . You can't scream and yell at work or the airport. That's it. Technically, you can, but it can have incredibly dire consequences for your life. Everywhere else, yelling at people because you're mildly irritated is not only common but often condoned. When somebody yells about their food at a restaurant, said restaurant is likely to comp their order, thereby validating the bad behavior. Constant adult temper tantrums can ruin…
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Boss Screams At Employee And Makes Her Cry, Can't Understand Why He Gets Fired

I guess we'll never know!
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Unfortunate Shopper Allegedly Gives Birth In Budget Clothing Store

Oh no
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kids having meltdowns over mundane things | He can't get down crying child sitting inside a truck wheel | cooking her eggs instead feeding them her raw small child reaching for the camera

22 Hysterical Snaps Of Kids Having Meltdowns Over Mundane Things

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Anger-inducing video of a lady yelling out at her Uber driver

Total Karen Flips Out On Poor Uber Driver Over Nothing

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Challenge Accepted

Funny meme that compares a very loud sound destroying the galaxy and creating a black hole with the sound of kids yelling in a supermarket | if you were to produce a sound louder than 1,100 DB you would create a black hole and destroy the galaxy
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17 Toddler Tantrums That'll Make Your Reproductive Organs Shrivel Up

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Why Is A Baby In A Movie Theater In The First Place

Caption that reads, "Nobody: ... Babies in movie theaters: ..." above a still of Shrek yelling
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Every School Assembly

Caption that reads, "Presenter: Good morning everyone! Seven-year-olds: Good morning; Presenter: Let's try that again. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Seven-year-olds: ..." above a pic of an old cowboy yelling
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For All The Customer Service Peeps

Caption that reads, "When there's a deep rage burning inside you but you gotta act nice cause you're at work" above a pic of a little dog with a fake-looking smile on its face
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Shut The Hell Up Brixton

Tweet that reads, "Omfg I hate when kids scream in have no real should be me screaming. ME"
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Caption that reads, "When u see a puppy" above pics of Kermit the Frog screaming"
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Text that reads, "What if instead of laughing people just screamed 'funny' repeatedly?"
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Tumblr post that reads, "Bitten by a radioactive cicada now all I do is sit in a tree and scream all day"
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The Most Annoying Comment Ever

Guy tells someone that they're so quiet, so guy says sorry and starts screaming afterward to make up for being quiet
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They're Living The Dream

Funny meme about about how being a seagull would be the dream.
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