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Teenager Screams at Her Disabled Cousin For Cutting Up All of Her Dresses With Scissors

Is she wrong here?
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'Scissors Vs. Water' Memes Are The Perfect Way To Express Serious Futility

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Unpopular Opinion

Object-label meme where water coming out of a sink represents "the world's problem" and someone trying to cut the water stream with scissors represents "online petitions"
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Where The Scissors At

Funny meme about rock paper scissors.
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hilarious kid scissors shave sign - 5949761280
Created by xyzpdq1

How They Used to Eat Spaghetti

gifs spaghetti life hacks scissors - 8331375360
Created by anselmbe

This Seems Precarious

scissors clothes funny - 8241273856

How Does This Happen?

work mugs scissors - 8053069056

Just a Little of The Top

scissors wtf - 7960562432

I Feel Like Some Common Scullery Maid

First World Problems scissors - 7907032064
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

Don't Mess With The Scissor Crabs

gifs crabs scissors cgi funny - 7897825536
Created by beernbiccies

How Does This Happen?

wtf cups scissors funny - 7876492544

That Kid Looks Trust Worthy

kid scissors funny seems legit - 7456417024
Created by xyzpdq1

How Do You Do?

art butterfly scissors - 7002022656
Created by savannamia ( Via Paula Braconnot )

Who Let the Baby Play With Scissors?

baby creepy mask scissors - 6940849920

Maybe He Can Sharpen Up and Try Again Next Year

literalism running scissors double meaning politics - 6827737600
Via Connor
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