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Vaguely Scientific Memes for Nerds With a Sense of Humor

Who says math and science can't be hilarious?
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A Bounty of Memes Both Smart and Dumb

Congratulations, internet user. Somehow, through sheer motivation, or perhaps, more realistically, resignation, you have made it to the end of the week. How does it feel? If it doesn't feel like something that should be congratulated, then you're right with us. We didn't consent to being born, and we certainly didn't consent to an existence that makes us feel like we've accomplished some grand task. Life shouldn't feel like an endless cycle of suffering with tiny breaks in between, and if we ar…
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Otherworldly Space Memes That Want to Know What's Out There

Happy space week!
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Funny memes about science

Science Memes For Science-y People

If you're studying hard for that chemistry exam and you've just about had enough, these dumb memes might offer a bit of relief while still keeping you in a sort of educational zone. It's true that science isn't always fun - especially when you're dedicating hours of your life to the field. But memes have a way of making even our least favorite classes or subjects a little more enjoyable. These memes that reference the science s may not make you smarter, but at least you'll get to laugh for once…
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A list of nerdy memes that cover natural science, world history, dinosaurs, and philosophy all with a funny twist.

A Dinosaur-Heavy Dump of Nerdy Memes

Dinosaurs might have gone extinct, but Dino memes are forever.
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Awe-Inspiring Space Memes That Celebrate The Great Unknown

To infinity and beyond
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A compilation of random memes that contain fun history and science jokes.

Memes That Educate And Entertain

The 1990s was the golden age of edutainment. I might be a little biased, but I wholeheartedly believe that The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye The Science Guy are the only reasons that there are any Millennial and Generation Z scientists. If your 5th-grade science teacher rolled out a big fat TV on a questionably secure cart, you knew you would have a fantastic day of learning (and not being able to get the Bill Nye theme song out of your head). Although the 90s produced some of the best edutainm…
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A Selection of STEM Memes Chock-Full of Nerdy Humor

Do the math
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A Mondo Mess of Nerdy Memes For Bored Brains

Happy Friday, friends, enemies, lovers, frenemies, acquaintances, best buds, BFFS, loyal followers, and rivals. We hope it treats you well. As meme collectors and internet experts, our work days aren't supposed to be bad. Imagine the disbelief people express when I say that making a living by enjoying and distributing memes is less than desirable. Sometimes it's downright miserable. Having to hit higher wordcount expectations, write more content, and create time where there isn't any are just s…
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Math & Science Memes Full of Arithmetical Humor

There are three types of math geeks: the ones who are good at math, the vengeful ones who do math to epically own others, and the ones who study equations just so they can get the jokes in dank math memes. If we were to visualize these math geek subcategories using a three-set Venn-diagram, these dank math and science memes would lie right in the center. Before you go correcting my lazy logic, just know that I failed pre-calculus in high school. Anyway. Enjoy the memes, nerd.
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Funny science memes, dank memes, chemistry, physics, biology | My concerned friend: Food won't fill void heart person science: acoreclim2099 | Joey's reaction Neurons generating action potentials all time Neurons trying understand action potential actually works

Science Memes For Smart People With Big Brains

We envy you.
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20+ Prehistoric Memes For Dinosaur Fans

They may be extinct, but they live on through memes
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A Smorgasbord of Memes for Easy Entertainment

You're welcome.
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Funny memes about science, chemistry, lol

36 Science Memes For People Who Are Smarter Than We Are

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Funny educational memes about history, science, and math | Native Americans: Can just let us live on our ancestral land own? America: OK OKLAHOMA IS HOME NOW unsheathing sword | people giving plants and animals credit fungi fungi doing everything fungi literally being foundation all life on earth

Educational Memes For The Socially Distant Student

Education in the form of memes!
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Show Some Respect

Funny meme about biology, plants that create oxygen, trees get all the attention, plankton, microphones, science memes
Via u/bluewhaleocean
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