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Yeah Could You Just Smile Like A Normal Human

Caption that reads, "How my kid smiles for a $200 package of school pictures" above a pic of Andy Bernard from The Office smiling like an idiot
Via sadavocado

That's A Serious Offense

Tweet that reads, "Y'all pray for my son, nothing wrong with him but I ate his Pop Tart before his class picture and he said he never smiling again" above school photos of a small child looking angry
Via red1300

The Most Valuable Thing You Can Learn In School

Yearbook quote that says, "I've learned to say here when the teacher hesitates while taking attendance"
Via hjohnston1954360

Growing Up is Hard

growing up school pictures Okay drivers license - 8363955968
Created by Unknown

Taking Pictures

school pictures herpderp funny - 7522766848
Created by JDinTheHizzhouse

I Don't Like Taking Pictures...

pictures school pictures photogenic - 6573828352
Created by Savagespike101

The Road is Snowy and Full of Danger

guide internet school pictures this guy welcome - 6723732736
Created by jtcaseley1

I Think I Blinked

are you kidding me derp Rage Comics school pictures - 6507503104
Created by Unknown