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30 Teacher Memes To Help Survive The First Day of School

It's almost here
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25 Hilarious Memes College Dropouts Destined For Greatness Will Understand

College just isn't for everyone... and that's okay!
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23 Memes For Everyone Who Peaked in High School Currently Missing Their Glory Days

You'll laugh at these memes if you peaked in high school.
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30 Teacher Memes for Educators Enjoying Summer Break But Dreading the First Day of School

I don't want to alarm any educators who are here for some escapist memes about their profession. If you don't wish to discuss the brisk nature of the summer holiday , you can scroll right past this. For those of you who are similarly freaking out about how quickly the summer is going by, hello. I am so sorry that you have to return to the hellscape that is school in a few short weeks. Some people don't think teachers deserve to have their summers off, but I think teachers deserve even more time…
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Graduation Memes For High School And College Grads Alike

Congrats to the Class of 2023!
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Teachers Share The Harshest Things They've Ever Said To Their Students

Telling them like it is!
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A compilation of memes about teachers and teaching

Teacher Memes To Enjoy Over Thanksgiving Break

Teachers deserve so much more respect than they get, and I am partly to blame for this. When I was in high school , I wasn't blatantly rude to my teachers, but I did not give the educators in my life the respect they probably deserved. For instance, I called every single one of my teachers Senior year by their first names, either behind their backs or to their faces, depending on how close we were. Out of Barb, Cathy, John, Paul, Linda, and Kelly, I could only call Barb by her first name to her…
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20+ Memes That May Trigger Millennial Nostalgia

Lisa Frank, anyone?
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A Merry Mix of Memes & Random Internet Things

Hallelujah for memes
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Funny and relatable starter pack memes | pencil experience starter pack painful ears they hit paper used too much pressure and now keeps getting everywhere won't come clean can still get few uses out this eraser AAN right get perfectly angled point flaky ones can't do this | loudest things ever starter рack dad HX guy who uses this at 7 am KLERATOR

Amusing Starter Pack Memes That Definitely Aren't Wrong

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Relatable School Memes for Students of Life

A for effort?
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20+ Memes For A Fun Weekend Scroll Session

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30+ Timeless SpongeBob Memes for Kids at Heart

Are ya ready kids?
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30 Dank Mathematical Memes For Big Brains

Who knew math could be funny
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Does Not Compute

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Via CyberAvocado21
Funny random memes and tweets, twitter memes, leondardo dicaprio, spicy memes, offensive memes | MIDDLE EXAM MY BRAIN CELLS: IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT Spongebob getting out | try leave work little early, but boss reminds have 7 hrs left..

40 Memes For People Who Need A Little Dopamine

Scroll your way to pleasure.
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