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Entitled Parent Demands Teacher to Stop Using Metric System, Math Jokes Ensue

It'll bring a skilometer to your face
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Elementary Teacher Asks Kids To Make Confessions, Their Answers Do Not Disappoint

Spoiler: none of them have ever hidden a body.
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cringey social media posts, sex, menstruation, sex education, cringe, cringeworthy | so inspiring Why do girls keep having periods they hate them? Just stop having them, do makes happy | Julia Carpenter @juliaccarpenter This is happens let men write books partiar denture unat ne aiscreetly wrapped Kleenex and micked inpocket his suit coat he thougn ous wasn't watching. But she bathroom door didn't altogether close, due old frame house settling over centuries, and she had sit on toilet some

Dumb & Cringey People Who Need To Take Sex Ed

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Funny dank memes about people who did all the work during group projects in school | Ashley Narine die want people did group projects with lower into ground so they can let down one last time. | get C+ on group project best friend girl randomly selected into group

Group Project Memes For the Students Who Did All the Work

We definitely don't miss this from our school days.
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Moose Wreaks Havoc By Breaking Into Saskatoon School

Moose on the loose
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High School Bans Backpacks, Students Retaliate With Inventive Alternatives

The book stroller really helps with shoulder pain.
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Cringey horror stories that seem like a scene from a bad movie.

20+ Cringey Stories So Awful They Feel Cinematic

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Funny and relatable starter pack memes | pencil experience starter pack painful ears they hit paper used too much pressure and now keeps getting everywhere won't come clean can still get few uses out this eraser AAN right get perfectly angled point flaky ones can't do this | loudest things ever starter рack dad HX guy who uses this at 7 am KLERATOR

Amusing Starter Pack Memes That Definitely Aren't Wrong

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Relatable School Memes for Students of Life

A for effort?
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40+ History Memes for People Who Actually Studied

They'll make you feel a lot smarter than reality TV will.
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Tweets about things people are still annoyed about that their teachers did growing up | Don't Call Lady @cornmaes Replying justinboldaji 4th grade teacher called front class tell no one going want marry because so annoying being bullied hard- core and she didn't believe told her so she tried convince my mom had schizophrenia and hearing shit

Salty People Talk About the Times They Got Screwed Over In School

We'd be pissed about these things too!
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Art Teacher Astounds The Internet With Two Handed Drawing Technique

It takes a special kind of person to be a high school art teacher . Not only are you guiding the nation’s youth into the working world, you’ve also got to nurture their creativity. Not only this, you also have to deal with all the teenage angst that comes with unlocking that. Arty kids are only marginally less annoying than theater kids, after all. None of this necessarily relates to being able to do art itself, but believe it or not, some art teachers do in fact have some finely honed creative…
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Rub Out Life’s Mistakes With This Collection Of Memes For Real Eraserheads

Picture the scene. You're in the middle of a pop quiz in elementary school . You've accidentally written that 2+2=5 and you need to correct it, stat. What kind of eraser are you reaching for? Is it gnarly, gray and riddled with holes you poked in it? A fruity smelling one that coordinates with the rest of your stationery? Or maybe one of those weird putty ones that you stole off the kid next to you? There's no denying that this humble cornerstone of the average pencil case got us through some o…
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Funny tweets debating a simple math problem

Simple Fifth-Grade Math Equation Inspires Heated Debate On Twitter

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20+ Memes For A Fun Weekend Scroll Session

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20+ History Memes Packed With Educational Humor

The more you know.
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