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'Suggest a solution': Manager forces employee to manage herself after scheduling her on her day off

That's not helpful
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Movie Theater Makes Teen Work Exorbitant Hours For Thanksgiving Weekend, Her Parents Make Her Quit

Quitting is the new winning
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'Never hire anyone that's looking for work life balance': CEO under fire for LinkedIn 'wisdom'

I'm going to come out and say it: Loving what you do (for work) is a luxury. But even if you're a statistics enthusiast or a strategy geek, chances are you don't want to spend all your time working. That's where having a work/life balance comes in. The concept, to many, is pretty novel. It's long been fashionable to spend long hours working in the office or from home, putting in the extra time because your bosses, for some reason, expect you to be available around the clock. There's a reason th…
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Reddit thread about a crazy recruiter harassing an applicant for requesting interview at "noon"

Ridiculous Recruiter Harasses Applicant For Requesting Interview at 'Noon'

It's very easy to tell when a job recruiter is scamming you. Typically, they'll use extremely unprofessional language right off the bat. Either that or they will be extremely unspecific about anything. No great job has come from a recruiter messaging you on LinkedIn “Hello. When can you interview.”
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Horrible Manager Posts Schedule 40 Minutes Before Employees Scheduled Shifts

So irresponsible
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Workers Discuss The Possibility of a 4-Day Workweek

Not a bad idea
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This Is Adulthood

Funny tweet about adult friends trying to make plans with one another
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I Just Can't Figure It Out

Eric Andre meme where he shoots 'a healthy sleeping schedule' and can't figure out why he's always tired
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The Endless Sleep Cycle

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It's a Difficult Schedule to Keep

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Foul Bachelor Frog: It's Good to Have a Regular Schedule

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I Think I Could Squeeze You In...

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avoid fear project schedule time worry - 2297572096
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