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30+ Fail-Filled Memes & Images That Are Painful to Look At

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Funny and cringey horror stories of peoples worst job interviews.

20 Painful Tales of Peoples' Worst Job Interviews

Positively agonizing.
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Past Posts & Dumb Declarations That Didn't Age Well

Things that aged like milk
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Humor-Filled Moments of Mortified People Dying Inside

Oh, the schadenfreude.
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Crazy facebook and twitter posts from insane people, r/insanepeoplefacebook | person standing behind a crying bald girl Turns out cutting off 15 her hair last time she touched scissors wasn't big enough lesson she cut her bangs AGAIN. So now she's BALD think this time lessons gonna sink little deeper! Never lose good woman without fight Get her pregnant if have too

16 People Who Should Really Have Their Internet Privileges Revoked

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instances of people not understanding getting jokes | This poor dog born blind, but thanks new medical technology he's finally able see his owner first time ImAPvssy Thats just ham | difference between chick peas and garbanzo beans never paid garbanzo bean on Edit Garbanzo is spanish word chick peas.

23 Times People Completely Missed the Joke

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Funny nailed it moments, design fails

Mildly Amusing 'Nailed It' Moments For You Shake Your Head At

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Funny video making fun of Nestle

Video Making Fun Of Nestle Is The Sweet Internet Justice You Needed Today

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Failed attempts, fails, cringe, schadenfreude.

15 Attempts That Gloriously Missed The Mark

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cover image of a woman who is mad at a business

Insufferable Lady Gets Promptly Denied After Demanding Free Sh*t

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rude entitled customer goes into rage over blanket

Entitled Customer Goes Into Rage Over Instagram Blanket Sale

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Need That Schadenfreude Yo

"When you're meme-scrolling and keep running into inspirational quotes and positive messages"
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children of anti-vaxxers

Children Of Anti-Vaxxers Are Revealing What Happened When They Grew Up

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Schadenfreude Never Felt So Good