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Scary Memes For Horror Fanatics Counting Down Until Halloween Season

Spooky season can't come soon enough
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Scary Memes to Peruse in the Backrooms

Let's get liminal
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Horror Memes For Reading Under The Covers

Don't wake mom!
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Scary Movie Memes For Horror Fanatics

Counting down the days until Scream VI!
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A compilation of tweets about the upcoming horror movie M3GAN and the titular characters viral dance

The Funniest M3GAN Tweets That Celebrate The Titular Creepy Dancing Doll

There's a new dancing doll in town, and her name is M3GAN. Horror movies such as Childs Play and Annabelle have put creepy dolls on the map as certified horror icons. However, creepy dolls don't just have to be red-headed Raggedy Ann-esque weirdos. They can also be uncanny-valley animatronic dancing girls who are both killers and fierce divas! Earlier this week, Universal came out with the trailer for their upcoming horror movie M3GAN , which follows a woman named Gemma who takes in her young n…
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Funniest Pinhead (the Hell Priest and Lead Cenobite) Memes to Celebrate the Pain Hulu's ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot Will Bring

The box, Hulu opened it. So we came with memes. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures.
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Funny meme that reads, "Mirrors in horror movies be like" above pis of a guy looking at himself in a mirror
Via Rockybittu

Well You're Seein' 'Em Now!

Still of Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense where Haley Joel Osment asks if Bruce Willis wants to see his teeth; Bruce Willis says no, and then it pans to a pic of Haley Joel Osment making a funny face with his teeth out
Via dolphish
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People Are Tweeting Their Hilarious IRL Horror-Movie Scenarios

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Fraidy Cat

scary movie - 8400739840

Creepy Hallway

scary movie bathroom - 8235259392
Created by KingKool720

No Surprises Here

scary movie arrested development - 7326087680
Created by ImNotFunAtParties

This is How I Die...

this is how i die scary movie horror movie - 7006981888
Created by HaleeIsInsane


scary movie horror movie - 6898188544
Created by iCrazyTouch

Can't Tell if Parody or Satire

fry horror movies parody satire scary movie scream - 5295666432
See all captions Created by Phooey