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Funniest Pinhead (the Hell Priest and Lead Cenobite) Memes to Celebrate the Pain Hulu's ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot Will Bring

The box, Hulu opened it. So we came with memes. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures.
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Funny meme that reads, "Mirrors in horror movies be like" above pis of a guy looking at himself in a mirror
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Well You're Seein' 'Em Now!

Still of Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense where Haley Joel Osment asks if Bruce Willis wants to see his teeth; Bruce Willis says no, and then it pans to a pic of Haley Joel Osment making a funny face with his teeth out
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People Are Tweeting Their Hilarious IRL Horror-Movie Scenarios

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Fraidy Cat

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Created by Unknown

Creepy Hallway

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Created by KingKool720

No Surprises Here

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Created by ImNotFunAtParties

This is How I Die...

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Created by HaleeIsInsane


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Created by iCrazyTouch

Can't Tell if Parody or Satire

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