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5 Famous Actors That Keep Landing Weirdly Specific Roles

Playing the same kind of character isn't relegated to “that guys” like Luis Guzman. Sometimes even the most famous actors like Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds get typecast. Not as just as hotties with naughty bodies, but as, like, creatures trying to evolve into new lifeforms and stuff. "Doctor" Jordan Breeding and Your Brain On Cracked return to diagnose these disturbing trends. Bonus? There's loads of Mads Mikkelsen in this vide.
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The Dark Side of Celebrity Charity | Cracked Explains

Don't buy into the hype
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Funny memes and reactions to leaked trailer of Spider-man no way home

Crappy 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Trailer Leak Sparks Less Crappy Memes

Marvel fans work quickly.
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Avengers Lookalikes Are Eating Together on TikTok and It's Pretty Wholesome

One for the Marvel fans
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funny surprised scarlett johansson memes | Guys they see boobs even 10000th time | My mom 4 year old is showing her this cool looking rock found

'Surprised Scarlett Johansson' Memes Are Popping Up All Over Reddit

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Funny marvel memes, dank memes, stupid memes, chris hemsworth, chris evans, robert downey jr, scarlett johansson, captain america, black widow, black panther, avengers, iron-man, spider-man | someone: dies permanently comic books don't do here Black Panther | Target greeter please wear mask" Midwestern women: adam..creator No don't think will. old Captain America Steve Rogers in Karen haircut

Thirty Dumb Marvel Memes For Anyone Suffering Withdrawal

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No Contest

Funny meme about who is hotter, scarlett johansson or a slide in summer | Welcome to today episode of- Who's hotter? Scarlett Johansson This boi in summer
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Funny meme about Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga competing for role of Cleopatra, funny tweet about how scarlett johnansson should get it | tweet by musebuff it is being reported that lady gaga and angelina jolie are currently competing to play cleopatra in an upcoming movie. who would you like to see play the role? neither bc cleopatra wasn't white. do the right thing and give the role to scarlett johansson
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Video of everything fans didn't expect to happen in the Avengers: Endgame film with spoilers

[SPOILERS GALORE] This Video Sums Up Everything We Never Expected To Happen In 'Endgame'

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random memes

27 Random Memes That'll Murder Your Monday Blues

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Pics Of The Avengers Cast Then And Now That Are Adorably Awkward

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A Man Built a Scarlett Johansson Robot for... Science?

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Even Superheroes Get Friendzoned

Black Widow captain america movies marvel scarlett johansson - 8328389888

How the Press Treats Actresses

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Via Robert Downey Jr's Facebook
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Scarlett Johansson Falls Down: A Meme Is Born

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Superheroes: She Likes Bad Boys

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