karen neighborhood skeleton 12-foot-skeleton skeleton-decoration halloween halloween-decoration decoration karens scared scary spooky funny story

Neighborhood Karen Tries to Guilt-Trip a Lady to Take Down Her 12-Foot Skeleton Because Her Kid is Afraid; Skeleton Earns the Full Support of the Internet

'Honestly, I'd buy a second 12 foot skeleton'
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Evil Genius Father Pranks His Kids Playing With a Ouija Board by Cutting off All the Power in Their Bedrooms

Evil Genius Father Pranks His Kids Playing With a Ouija Board by Cutting off All the Power in Their Bedroom

That place will definitely have to be saged now
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Funny meme that reads, "Trying to run away from my problems only to realize that I am my problems" above an image of Michael Cera running away from himself
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In Ya Go Squirt

Caption that reads, "Our friend came over to babysit last night. Ten minutes after we left he sent me this pic" above a pic of a guy about to put a baby in the oven
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The Best Thoughts Always Come While In The Shower

Text that reads, "Me during an argument" above a pic of Scared Hamster next to text that reads, "Me thinking about the argument in the shower" above a still of a buff cartoon hamster running on a hamster wheel
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scared hamster meme as a monet painting

'Scared Hamster' Is The Internet's Newest Cute Meme Craze

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Great Idea

Funny meme about anxiety.
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twitter FAIL scared reactions shocked animals - 1166085

Capybara Crippled With Fear Instantly Becomes the Internet's Hilarious, Number One Fascination

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virtual reality FAIL scared zombie video games - 80274433

Woman Lets Loose a Shrill Banshee Wail That'd Shatter Windows in Her Terrified Response to Virtual Reality Zombies

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How to Screw With the Minds of Youth

kids trolling scared Grandpa web comics - 8795760128
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Just a Low Lvl Pit Demon, It's Totally Chill Kiddo

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virtual reality scared zombie - 109062

Scared Woman's Shakier Than a Conifer Tree Caught in the Eye of a Violent Windstorm During Her Virtual Reality Zombie Game Freak Out

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scared prank Video - 78161921

Thank Goodness This Easily Frightened Chef Doesn't Hurt Herself After Getting Repeatedly Pranked at Work

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scared relationships prank rude Video dating - 76572417

Watch This Girl Scare Her Girlfriend for an Entire Year

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Dog is Scared of Thunder

gifs cute bathtub scared hide Sundog - 6969152256

Cat Got Spooked

Funny GIF of a cat that got spooked from his own reflection.
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