It Finally Happened

Funny tweet that reads, "Well that's a first" above a screenshot of someone who saved a file as random letters and a notification that says that name has already been used
Via anlyin

Whatever, Do Your Thing Computer

Tweet that reads, "Computer: save this image as [arbitrary long number]? Me: yea"
Via FranO-

That DAMN save message!

save no table flipping - 8558639104
By Unknown

Ducklings Get Saved From Drain

gifs ducklings ducks critters save - 8526934784
By ToolBee

Simply Heartbreaking

save quote funny nintendo - 8075610624
By Unknown

Application Trolling

save troll application - 7742691584
By Bruce_Benjamin_Stark

Guide Dog Saves a Couple People From Serious Injury

dogs gifs close call save funny win - 7568819968
By Unknown

Drowning Cat Is Forever Alone

basket cat drowning forever alone save - 6352897280
By pruneyraisin

Ma, Get Me My Gas Can...

life Memes mom overly attached girlfrien overly attached girlfriend save - 6335294208
By startrekEwoks

I Thought the Midterm Was a Checkpoint!

Rage Comics save test truancy story video games - 6258516224
By Unknown

Kitten Wants to Save Friend

box Cats Caturday friend gifs help kitten save - 6236300032
By _C_A_T_ (Via I Can Has Cheezburger)

Juggling Save

extreme gifs juggling pro save win - 5781787904
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Everyone's Done This At Least Once

desk paper rage Rage Comics save school - 5769415424
By RobNinja


hilarious save Sexy Ladies time - 5663733760
By xyzpdq1

She's My Hard Drive Lady

forever alone girl hard drive save - 5670122752
See all captions By AcrataZ

Kids Today Have No Idea What This Is... Seriously

disk kids Rage Comics save seriously what - 5452478720
By diodetersivo92
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