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Funny meme that reads, "Follow me for more quarantine recipes" above a photo of a hot dog in a glass with beans and a cocktail umbrella
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Cats can have little a salami,  salami cat memes, cats eating salami, sausage, cat memes, funny cat memes, salami memes, buff guy on copmputer, cats are expert hunters and have a  keen sense of smell, especially in the case of meat.

Cats Can Have A Little Salami According To These Tasty New Memes

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father's day memes

'Asian Ron Swanson' Twitter Thread Is A Wildly Entertaining Father's Day Tribute

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Damn, That's Dark

Funny tweet about firefighters eating sausage made from pigs they saved.
Via god

Very Healthy

funny meme about healthy diet consisting of meat and cheese.
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Bon Appetit!

Funny meme about firefighters saving pigs and then eating them as sausage.
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So Hot

Funny meme featuring a screenshot of a text thread, someone texts a funny photo of a young boy with sausage, says sorry wrong number, and the recipient says "come over now."
Via Dank Memes Gang

This Pun Is the Wurst

image puns sausage This Pun Is the Wurst
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Eau de Andouille


Someone Really Needed Some Sausage

diet funny iron sausage - 8399429120
Created by Unknown

She Won't Think It's as Funny as You

wife funny sausage - 8431985664
Created by Unknown

He's Going to Slip You the Sausage

sexy times funny sausage seems legit meat - 8038189568
Created by Unknown

Highbrow Humor

McDonald's fast food sausage - 7376863744
Created by Unknown


britain cheese mmm america sausage bacon - 6972354048
Created by Unknown


pizza euphemism sausage - 6925350144
Created by buzmurdock
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