Compilation of Random Memes for the Weekend

A Random Sampling of Memes For The Weekend

It's the weekend, and that means it's meme time. Let's cut to the chase. Memes are a great way to spend your two days of weekly freedom. They're simple, funny, and a great way to massage your overused brain. Why crack open that new copy of Beowulf when you could simply not do that. Why try to stretch your brain when you've been pushing it all week long. It's time to take it easy and cuddle up with a nice meme. Your brain will thank you for it.
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The Joys Of Parenting

Funny tweet that reads, "My son keeps grabbing fists of air and screaming 'mine.' My daughter is crying saying TJ is stealing my air...they are in my bedroom, on a Saturday morning"
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28 Funny Memes That'll Aid Your Pathetic Procrastination

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32 Funny Memes To Get Your Weekend Rollin'

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Collection of funny memes for Saturday featuring Nasa, food, drinking, dating, relationships, social media, life, love, friends, friendshiip, money, work, star wars, taco bell, dogs.

35 Memes To Spice Up Your Saturday Night

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Is It Saturday?

image day drinking Is It Saturday?
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Justin Trollbro

saturday nap brother trolling justin bieber - 8557656832
By AwesomeTrinket

Every Single Saturday...

saturday mom waking up - 8422796544
By nightdumo

They Go By So Fast

jupiter weekends saturday - 8158637056

Saturday Morning Truth

trollface saturday sleep vacuum parents - 8120555008
By ThatEpicMoment

Just Go 'Head and Skip a Day

socks saturday - 7978123008
By Unknown

I've Got Saturday on the Brain

saturday weekends dreams nightmares - 7672961024
By Unknown

School Day Rage!

saturday school - 6923080448
By Unknown

Xbox Here I Come!

saturday omg run aww yea - 6769741568
By Gamerchickie

Meanwhile at TFL...

dogs flavor what saturday - 6668900608
By SamuelBlooBloo

"C" Stands for Close Enough

c Close Enough grades saturday school Terrible Teacher - 6099247616
By Cubonator
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