yikes, twitter, news, fail, the onion, funny headlines, facepalm, parody, satire, memes, lol, stupid people, gullible, fake news, funny tweets, fake headlines, satirical |  Onion @TheOnion Am Immortal Screams 90-Year-Old British Woman Embarking On Epic Post- Vaccination Bender TheOnion umm this is fake news did not happen. are talking about picture is right there | THEONION.COM City Chicago Working Around Clock Clear 18 Inches Bullet Casings Streets 102 13 Comments O Like Comment This is fake,

15+ Poor Fools Who Fell For The Onion's Satire

And other satirical publications
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Funny comments by people who didn't understand satire | K JK Rowling stands Karen. 9:33 am 07 Jun 20 Twitter Web App O50 839 281 Comments 102 Shares O Like Comment Share WRONG Her middle name is Kathleen. Do some research before posting anything on Internet! Also don't believe every single thing on Internet! | HERO4 GoPro THEHARDTIMES.NET Strapped GoPro On Bee See Why Bees Are Dying And Boy Did Find Out Quick Um? Bees are too small 's so fake 6m 1 like Reply

17 Times Oblivious People Didn't Quite Get The Joke

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Funny Reddit posts showing people who did not understand obvious jokes on social media | Water Water 1 kilometer 1 mile Americans Thomas 1 kilometer is closer though Gio 's literally joke person crawling in the desert | He thinks nobody can see him. Can see who? CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTS Thank mods, very cool cat, dumbass cat hiding under a box

Cringey Times The Joke Flew Right Over Someone's Head

Yikes, people...
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Funny instances of people believing The Onion's satire | got be kidding 2 hrs 6 This better not be true 's British landmark, always will be and should remain as "Big Ben" Big Ben be renamed Massive Mohammed 2018 Rochdale Herald Re

15 Clueless People Who Fell For 'The Onion's' Satire

Thank God for The Onion
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Funny remix music video of Joe Biden's past quotes

Joe Biden 'C'Mon Man' Remix Is Political Satire At Its Finest

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Funny video parodying David Attenborough narrating 'Planet Earth' using the 'Karen' stereotype

Planet Earth: The Evolution Of The Karen

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Funny video sketch of cops being trained to be more aggressive toward black people they come across

Satirical Sketch Depicts What Police Training Must Be Like

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Funny video that parodies brands who try to capitalize off of the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice

Parody Video Mocks Brands Trying To Capitalize Off Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Funny satirical video making fun of rich celebrities who think they're being relatable while being in quarantine

Hilarious Video Makes Fun Of Cringey Celebrities During Quarantine

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They're Just Like Us

Funny satirical news headline that reads, "Inspiring: celebrities spell out 'we're all in this together' with their yachts"
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Funny video of a guy playing a song called "Bank Account"

Song About Checking Your Bank Account Is A Millennial Anthem

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Funny posts from satirical Instagram account Obvious Plant | CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts WARNING: rchidren under 3 years 5+76664 wioue obvious plant MUPPET SCREAMS forced Muppet scream into this bag Absorb its power! Smell its fear! Asmt Nind RINCA kermit 8 ESPANTASUE 22-72945 DE HIKING TIP Remember, if get lost woods. STAY WHERE ARE (because don't like please don't come back just kidding actually increases chances being found) Angeles National Forest Obvious Plant

Bunch Of Times Obvious Plant Slayed Us With Total Nonsense

We always love a healthy dose of Obvious Plant!
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Funny posts from the Facebook page called "Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea" - meant to be a knockoff of Domino's Pizza in the United States | pizza shaped like a mushroom cloud: Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea ecstatic introduce *new* Extra Spicey Hwasong-14 Pizza, now with free ICBM delivery Unite States. Only at Donimo's! tank in a drive thru: Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea Drivings-Thru now available at establishment!

Very Strange And Amusing Posts From North Korea 'Donimo's Pizza'

Delicious pizza from the Best Korea.
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Funny headlines from The Onion and people who believed them

15 Times Gullible 'Onion'-Eaters Were Caught In The Wild

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people falling for satirical headlines

14 Times Total Blockheads Believed Glaringly Obvious Satire

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The Health Experts Have Spoken

Funny headline from The Onion that reads, "Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, never coming back"
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