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Fifteen Metal Memes For Those Who Like Things As Brutal As Possible

Hail Satan.
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25 Pretentious Metalhead Memes For The Satanically Inclined

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satanic memes , dark humor | Animal - Satan: So are hell Because my memes Satan: Can't go hell because memes Here, look at them Satan: IG@pauliewalnutsmeme | Wow had no idea Satan so knowledgeable and generous with his time don't teach child obey Jesus devil will teach them evolution, sexuality, psychology, witchcraft If

15 Satanic Memes That'll Summon Hellfire Upon Us

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Yes I Would

Caption that reads, "Would you like to join my religion?" above a pic of a pentagram made out of coffee beans and some mugs and a coffee pot
Via OliveTheOysterDancer
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17 Wholesome Memes To Drown Out Halloween's Satanic Aura

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15 Metal Memes That Are Far Too Brutal For This Mortal World

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27 Metal Memes That Will Make You Feel BRUTAL AF

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