Sarah Palin

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The Dark Side of Celebrity Charity | Cracked Explains

Don't buy into the hype
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Sarah Palin's Bizarre Home Video Has Twitter Confused

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You Know They're Going to Try to Cite Wikipedia

image politics donald trump sarah palin You Know They're Going to Try to Cite Wikipedia
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Sarah Palin republican - 8435530240
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Don't be a clown!

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Frown Town

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When I think of what could have been...............

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber

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Iggy Palin Has the Weakest Flow in Politics

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Sarah Palin Totally Looks Like Sonya Paddock

Videogames totally looks like Sarah Palin - 7947966720

Sarah Palin Totally Looks Like Peggy Hill

totally looks like Sarah Palin funny - 7556968448

Search Results for "Huge Idiot" on Twitter

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To Be Fair, He Would Know

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Biden West vs. Ryan Swift

joe biden paul ryan debate imma let you finish kanye west Sarah Palin - 6664307712
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My Job Here is Done

Sarah Palin trolling - 6639639040
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