Funny stories about the worst places to have sex

People Discuss the Worst Places to Do the Nasty

Getting in on in a bed may seem vanilla to some people. Sure, it's a pretty safe and standard place to have a romp. But safe isn't always bad. Sometimes, in the right (or wrong) circumstances, even sex on a bed can go awry. For example, the first time I ever…did it…was on a bed. But it was 100% covered with my friend's little brother's stuffed animal collection and it happened to be in a pretty open basement during a beer-soaked high school party. Many of the partygoers walked in on us and we w…
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funny memes about what scares you the most, tumblr, reddit, obvious plant, know your meme.

12 Memes That Hilariously Confront What Scares You The Most

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art sand Video - 75801345

This Awesome Street Art Beats Anything You Can Do With Sand

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Self-Healing Sand

gifs sand mindwarp - 8561186048
Created by Unknown

Little Kitties First Time in The Sand

gifs kitten sand Cats - 8560005632
Created by Unknown

Hypno Sand

hypnotic mindwarp gifs sand - 8508446208
Created by Unknown

Digging My Way to China

Gif of a white cat digging a whole in the ground at a frantic pace.
Created by Unknown

Dog Reacts to a Lime

dogs gifs critters beach limes sand - 8511212288
Created by Unknown


free hilarious hole sand sex - 5065025024
Created by maxystone

Thanks Captain Obvious

sand funny - 8453128448
Created by Unknown

To Be Fair It's a Big Planet

Via Past Utopia Print

Smooth Ride

whoops FAIL gifs boarding sand - 8440211712
Created by Unknown

Detective Puppy on The Case

dogs sand web comics - 8398830592
Via Wolfpupy

That Car Did Not Pass its Safety Test

cars sand safety funny pass - 8272798208
Created by Unknown

The Sand Wheel Will Open Up Your Third Eye

gifs sand mindwarp - 8230703104
Created by anselmbe

Some How It's Sort of Depressing

circle of life depressing sculpture sand fish funny - 8209097728
Created by Unknown
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