I'd Never Abandon You

Funny meme about when a chip breaks in the salsa, using a sturdier chip to pick it up, beauty and the beast, disney
Via u/Liegnacious

It Had To Be Done

Tweet that reads, "I went ahead and exposed they ass" above a pic of bags of tortilla chips upside-down to expose that the bags are only half-full
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This Is An Emergency!

Funny twitter meme about donald trump, chips and salsa.
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Now the Salsa's All His!

rage chips salsa friends - 8416782848
By PineappleBlend

Search and Rescue

rage chips salsa - 8172849664
By death_by_rage

Salsa Adventure

cooking salsa Challenge Accepted - 8093740800
By Unknown

Have You Talked to Your Children About Salsa?

salsa dance wat - 6961373952
By Takeshi Young (Via Salsa Memes)

Señor Gif: May I Have This Dance?

best of week cool critters dancing dogs gifs Memes salsa Sundog - 5553917952

Since When Is Snow a Condiment?

ketchup map Maps nutella salsa snow vodka - 5042582272
By Unknown

Y U Just Like Hot Dogs and Buns!?

chips hot dogs parties salsa size snacks Y U No Guy - 4966931456
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Tabasco Is Where It's At

hot sauce Rage Comics salsa - 4921678848
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Cats Caturday gifs play salsa - 4696251136
By Unknown

Me Gusta Salsa

chips me gusta Memes Pie Chart salsa - 4000170752
By brookiecookie1009


awesome critter critters dancing dogs salsa so cute - 4243577344
By FrankieDudeUltimate


delicious elements Pie Chart salsa - 4112148480
By TheStig1214