A compilation of generally animal themed memes

Animal Memes To Celebrate Our Furry Little Friends

. Whoever said dogs were “Man's Best Friend” forgot to include penguins, raccoons , salmon, and all animals in the animal kingdom. Animals are the light of our lives. They deserve parades and non-toxic cakes celebrating their existence. Disney's Animal Kingdom is just that; a theme park devoted to celebrating animals 365 days a year. They say it's not a zoo, but it's totally a zoo. Animal Kingdom is 33% depictions of wildlife in Asia and Africa, 33% Pandora the World of Avatar, and 33% DInoland…
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Funny meme about how different countries eat fish, lord of the rings, japan, sushi, england, frying fish | England telling Japan to cast fish into the batter and fry it
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flooding salmon fish Video - 76063489

Heavy Flooding Turned This Road Into a Salmon Crossing

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Someone Stop the Spice

funny memes pumpkin spice salmon
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puns salmon Video - 73971713

This Salmon is a Soul Man

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A Picture Tells a Story

fishing salmon bear camera funny - 7951581184
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Meanwhile on Etsy

statues salmon taxidermy fish - 7072368384
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You are Destined to Come Back!

bears salmon animals - 7649215744

How Badly Do You Want That Salmon?

wtf salmon funny - 7548827392
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bear salmon - 6513785856
Created by spin70458


ambition bear hilarious journey salmon - 4800186624
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Is Salmon There?

bear hello Memes river salmon this is dog - 6019421696
rain road salmon Video - 29581057

Why Did the Salmon Cross the Road?

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Hipster Salmon

animemes disney fish hipster-disney-friends mainstream salmon - 4962613248
Created by Bonneybaby

I Demand Equality for All Salmon-People (Sal-Men)!

barack obama birth certificate fish president salmon speech state of the union - 4428124416
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barack obama Like a Boss president salmon speech state of the union - 4396523264
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