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PSA For New Years!

Caption that reads, "Let's watch this video of fireworks I took last year! - Said no one ever" above a stock photo pic of people recording fireworks on their smartphones
Via nerfasians

Quick, Turn Off the TV!

said no one ever movies - 7580996864
By RobinGMS

You Know What They Say About Once You Pop

said no one ever chips funny - 7435221504
By Unknown

I Can Download too Many Things!

said no one ever speed internet fast - 7318989568
By knowurkats

I Need These to Look Like a Nerd!

said no one ever movies - 7260691456
By RetroMC

Seeing the Website is Overrated!

said no one ever internet explorer - 7294849792
By Unknown

I Totally Wanted That Glittery Spider Tattoo

said no one ever childhood - 7165480704
By AztecJesus

Maybe If I Just Wave My Hands Around Again

said no one ever public restrooms paper towels - 7158550016
By Unknown

I Bet I Can Finish the Whole Season!

streaming said no one ever TV - 7121941760
By Unknown

I Hope Your Car Gets Stolen

said no one ever cars - 7101728768
By Unknown

I've Had the Same One Since Third Grade

said no one ever eraser truancy story - 7094241792
By Unknown

There's NEVER Enough!

said no one ever - 6916776448
By Cheesehead_Brownpants (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

I Love Getting Back From a Long Weekend!

said no one ever mondays - 6795552512
By Unknown