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Covid-19 Is Ruining Everything

Due to COVID-19 Only I person can cry in the freezer at a time. Thank you, Management everyone patiently waiting their turn
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Funny and depressing memes, nihilism, sad memes, pessimistic memes | train on fire  Oh look, here comes July. | wake up do nothing do something feel stupid fail hate yourself cry until sleep doge flowchart

25 Downer Memes For All The Pessimists

Laugh through the pain
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funny random memes, dank memes, nerdy memes, relatable memes | ring box opened to reveal a nose and pic of an emotional woman covering her nose with her hand | Tattoo Artists People who need therapists woman petting sharks

Weird & Relatable Memes For Your Dopamine Needs

Aw yeah let's get that dopamine
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Depression memes, depressing memes, memes about depression, mental illness | CPAC Chopra @steak_ham If anyone ever feels depressed or defeated, get help s easy. Just look up which therapists are insurer's network. They won't be, but keep trying. If they are, ask if they're seeing new patients. They won't be. If they are, simply show up and pay 350 copay | start looking back on life and trying figure out hell got here @Some bull ish readhing book inside a trashcan

20 Depression Memes That Speak The Sad, Sad Truth

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Funny memes about depression, dank memes, anxiety memes, mental health, mental illness, neurotic | Them: Happy Monday e lucyontheground (SOBBING] woman crying over a laptop | just viv @pxwertrip_ Trying be honest with my therapist but not so honest get involuntarily hospitalized arandomthot This hits home little too hard

Memes For People Who Need To Get Their Shit Together

You can do it.
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This Is So Sad

funny meme about being left on read, echo | Hi Echo! Echo! Echo! Echo! Seen 12:48pm Seen 12:48pm Seen 12:48pm I love you!
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Oh God

Funny meme about Billie Eilish and girls thinking its sad, garfield comic, depressing, garfield dies | 14yo girl: Billie Eilish is so sad I can't even Me: She's not 14yo girl: stfu I bet you haven't even felt real pain comr- z z z
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Funny and depressing memes about climate change | Kendall Jenner swimming climemechange New York, New York Trying get my friend's house 2050 like @climemechange | Trust have government's committment solve climate change Wow look! Nothing!

Eighteen Climate Change Memes Chock-Full Of Bleak Humor

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Funny meme and sad meme about tito the raccoon dying | NO one showed up to my pet raccoon's Pool Party | Tito the Raccoon is no longer with us... made with tears
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Funny memes, self-deprecating memes, dank memes, dark memes, anxiety memes, depressing memes, dark humor, death | Study: Eating ice cream breakfast may improve mental performance @DismalChips not saying wrong just saying times had ice cream breakfast were not during times my life going well | Follow friends: haha do come up with jokes Psychology Today Thinking about Death and Pain Makes People Funnier Death anxiety may promotes humor creativity RETWEETS LIKES 9,564 9,836 2:55 PM

A Cheery Meme Dump Of Self-Deprecation & Dark Humor

Everything's fine.
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I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

Sappy meme about dog not knowing his owner is dead | loyal dog waiting next to an empty hospital bed not realizing his owner is gone forever
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Funny and sad memes about depression, being depressed | Monsters Inc. Sulley reactions being sad not talking about listening sad music and crying alone my room | man in sunglasses giving thumbs up: my memes are IRONIC my depression is CHRONIC

Fifteen Sad Memes For Sad People

We can't all be happy all the time, now can we?
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Funny and sad anti-Valentine's Day memes | bernie sanders fundraising campaign presidential candidate once again asking for your financial support no one I am once again asking are mad at me. spongebob crying while surrounded by heart emojis gotta end shit with favorite toxic person

Kinda Depressing Posts For Those Who Hate Valentine's Day

Memes for you sad sacks.
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Depressing memes, self-deprecating memes, dark humor, sad memes, sad tweets, anxiety, relatable, relatable memes | Gillette's "The Best Men Can Be" advertisement bro not cool An amazing person whom fallen love with My boring personality My ugly face My addictions My depression/ anxiety fact she deserves better. realizing don't feel depressed anymore realizing don't feel anything at all anymore

Harsh & Depressing Memes For Glass Half-Empty People

Are those sludge-colored glasses?
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Funny and sad memes about breakups | spongebob fish wiping the floor: cleaning up my mess after tried giving all my love and affection wrong person. man and woman sitting on the curb, the woman is crying: My neighbour breaking up with his girlfriend, while eating Cheetos

Fifteen Breakup Memes For Anyone Who's Goin' Through A Tough Time

You'll get through it.
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Funny, sad, and depressing memes and tweets | spongebob reading a piece of paper then using it to stoke a fire: can't sit under hot water shower 74 minutes and pretend 's self care instead dealing with problems. homer simpson comforting bart: 2019 This is worst year my life. This is worst year life so far

Sad Memes To Kick That Seasonal Affective Disorder Into Gear

Have some memes, you sad sacks!
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