TikTok Where Lea Michele from Glee Funny Girl and Spring Awakening Addresses Rumors That She's an Illiterate Person Who Can't Read

Lea Michele Finally Addresses Rumors That She Can't Read In Hilarious TikTok

Lea Michele can't read. At least that's what everybody has been aledging about the former Glee star for the past couple of years. The conspiracy theory began when a YouTuber made an hours-long conspiracy video documenting his theory that Lea Michele never learned to read. The illiteracy rumors have recently increased in popularity since Lea Michele was cast in the Broadway musical Funny Girl. She began her run as Fanny Brice on September 4th but sadly tested positive for COVID soon afterward, f…
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A compilation of tweets responding to Lea Michele's debut as Fanny Brice in the Broadway musical Funny Girl

Twitter Raves Lea Michele's Opening Night Performance in Funny Girl

If you've been online at all over the past couple of months, I'm sure you've heard the rumors that Lea Michele can't read . Her alleged illiteracy has not gotten in the way of her success, as she's finally snagged the lead role in the Broadway musical Funny Girl. Her road to the role has not been easy. She is most well-known for starring as Rachel Berry in Glee, where she regularly performed songs from Funny Girl . During the final season of the series, Rachel Berry stars in the fictional first…
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All the Funniest Memes and Tweets About the Conspiracy Theory That Lea Michele Can't Read

The legend persists
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Tweets roast people who would put gasoline in bags, gas shortage

Gas Shortage Inspires Rumors of Bagged Gasoline & Roasty Tweets

Classic USA
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Funny dank memes about Kim Jong-Un's rumored death | dancing coffin pallbearers Why do hear music have visitors LIFWark CHIE | Reddit: He's definitely dead Reality: Schrödinger's Kim

Rumors Of Kim Jong-Un's Death Have Sparked Some Particularly Morbid Memes

Big news if true.
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Funny memes and tweets about Queen Elizabeth's supposed death

Queen Elizabeth Has Not Passed Away, Despite Memes Circulating The Internet

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Gimme That Good Sh*t

Object-label meme where the damn represents "I don't like to gossip" and water coming out of it represents "But..."
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rumors foo fighters Video band - 78572801

Foo Fighters Have Finally Released an Official Announcement Amid Rumors of Breakup

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Nintendo's Rumored 2016 Line Up Includes "Pokémon Rainbow"

nintendo rumors pokemon rainbow 2016
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Still Waiting on That Official Mother 3 Announcement

mother 3 us release rumors
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Left 4 Dead 3 Supposedly, Maybe to be Released in 2017 (Don't Get Excited)

video game rumors left 4 dead 3 2017
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The Next Assassin's Creed Game Might Not be Until 2017

video game rumor no new assassins creed until 2017
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This Free Form Display Handheld May Be Nintendo's Next Big Thing

video games possible nintendo patent filed for controller
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Nintendo's New NX Console May Be Coming as Soon as Mid 2016

video game news nintendo nx console mid 2016
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Rumor of the Day: Fox Shuts Down Claims That Leonardo DiCaprio is Sexually Assaulted by a Bear in 'The Revenant'

bear rumors leonardo dicaprio Fox Shuts Down Claims That Leonardo DiCaprio is Sexually Assaulted by a Bear in 'The Revenant'
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gaming Video rumors - 66109697

Five Rumors That Made an Impact in Gaming

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