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Unhinged Workplace Bathroom Break Policy Prompts Outrage

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Employee Told They Can’t Quit On a Friday, Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands

Leaving in style
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Shameless First World Anarchists Who Broke Mundane Rules

Woah there
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People on Reddit share unspoken rules that are extremely annoying when not followed.

Unspoken Rules That People Should Really Be Following

Much of day-to-day life involves the knowledge (and practice) of unspoken rules. For example, here in New York, you should not be putting a bag on a subway seat - and you should definitely let people get off the subway before you get on. They may seem like universal forms of etiquette , but more people seem to ignore them than we think. Recently, redditor u/HAXposed asked the site's users to share the unspoken rules that, when broken, annoy them the most. And it's sad but validating to see that…
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Guy Fills Cannoli At Airport Security, Becomes Instant Icon

Meanwhile, in Boston:
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High School Bans Backpacks, Students Retaliate With Inventive Alternatives

The book stroller really helps with shoulder pain.
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Plane Passengers Scandalized By Woman Smoking On Flight

The etiquette of life is pretty different when you’re in the air, full of rules that do everything from stopping people being jerks to preventing the plane from doing a nosedive. If you’ve half-watched the cabin crew do the safety demonstration enough times, one of these that is probably burned into your brain is a variation on the words “ smoking is not permitted on this flight”. However, this doesn’t always mean that people pay attention to it. While it may seem like an obvious rule that appl…
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Funny video of Karen complain about Tigger flag on viral TikTok video, neighborhood, old lady, entitled

Joyless Karen Complains About Neighbor's Tigger Flag

"We have rules."
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Funny pics about 'first-world anarchists' | cutting a square in the center of a Hershey's chocolate bar | person in full diving gear underwater in a tiny bathtub NO DIVING

15 First World Anarchists That Need To Be Stopped

Do not mess with them.
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Astute Observation

Funny meme about the 'ABCs of first aid' being that a bone coming out of the skin is very bad; above an image of Meme Man saying "helth"
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christian girl takes over bachelorette party | 1. Sunday 12th have found an appropriate church and contacted Pastor there explaining out town, but still like attend services. Sunday 7:15 am be Ubering church.

Fanatical Christian Girl Sets G-Rated Ground Rules For Friend's Vegas Bachelorette Party

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Stupid funny memes

31 Goofy Memes That Might Press Pause On Your Misery

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Funny meme about asking parents if you can play/
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17 Softcore Anarchists Who'll Make You Want Your Mommy

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People Reveal The Hilarious Ways They Broke The Rules As Kids

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It's Every Smart Car for Himself

black friday It's Every Smart Car for Himself
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