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Funny meme about Stu from Rugrats making chocolate pudding at 4 am because he has lost control of his life.
Via Takko2G

The Pickles Were Under His Tongue the Whole Time

SpongeBob SquarePants rugrats image - 8999601664
Via netflixandkoolaid

I Don't Know Who I am Anymore

rugrats cartoons - 8498103040
Created by Sup123

Wisdom From Angelica


And Pretty Much Everyone's Haircut

funny rugrats wtf - 8306607616
Created by Unknown

The Real Reason She Was Always a "Guest" Character

nickelodeon rugrats nostalgia twitter failbook - 8234531840
Via Theblvcksheep

Lou Pickles, You Dog You!

rugrats - 8142150144

I Didn't Know Miley Had Her Own Doll

doll miley cyrus rugrats funny - 8085012480
Created by Unknown

I Believe the Term is "Rug Rats"

school parenting rugrats - 8038462464
Created by Unknown

Tommy Pickles Is Not To Be Trifled With

wtf naruto rugrats funny web comics - 7846047488
Via Little Gir Lover

Howard DeVille Totally Looks Like Mr. Mime

Pokémon totally looks like rugrats - 7841379840
Created by royalcaptain

Cynthia from Rugrats Totally Looks Like Miley Cyrus

totally looks like miley cyrus rugrats funny MTV VMAs - 7436497408
Created by mskozloski

This is What Adulthood is Like

gifs animation driving rugrats funny - 7443260928
Via Eff Yeah 1990s

This Explains So Much

doctor who rugrats Time Lords - 7440327424
Created by moody2
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