r/gatekeeping, gatekeeping, gatekeepers, cringe, cringeworthy, shameful, yikes, reddit, facebook, twitter, funny tweets, rude, funny, stupid people, religion, race, depression, autism, wtf, facepalm | If white, and eat sushi with chopsticks, congratulations colonizer | Homosexual people have right be family. They are children God Pope Francis said one his sit-down interviews film. He is not true catholic. he is literally pope

20+ Cringey Examples Of Gratuitous Gatekeeping

Dumb people who claim authority over everything
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15+ Times Dudes Exposed Their Neckbeard Tendencies

For almost as long as people have been bumping uglies, the prospect of getting laid has been a touchy subject . All these societal rules involving "manners" and "not being an entitled jerk" can get confusing sometimes, especially when you're so horny you can't see straight. Unfortunately, this can lead to some social situations that if we're being kind, we could say are extremely awkward. If we're being truthful, though, we can acknowledge that they're toxic . Doing the dirty work so the rest o…
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Shameful cringey moments of gatekeeping, tweets, twitter, yikes, rude, gaming, masculinity | THIS is FAMILY THIS is NOT FAMILY homophobic t shirts | Sitting front craft beer couple at Twins game and they keep going NOT BEER poor vendors selling Bud Light. Imagine being so uninteresting think this counts as personality

19 Cringetastic Moments Of Obnoxious Gatekeeping

Get off that high horse, y'all.
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Woman Gets Told She’s A Catfish, Cuts Accuser Down To Size

The joys of Tinder
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Total Jerks Who Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Humanity is doomed
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Customer Causes Controversy Taking Tips From Dunkin’ Worker Who Refused A Refund

Nobody came out of it looking good
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People Reflect On The Worst Things Visitors Have Ever Done In Their Home

The audacity
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Entertaining And Suggestive Blunders That Definitely Weren’t A Coincidence

There are plenty of situations in life which qualify a double take . The world is full of funny accidents, sly jokes and people just plain goofing off , but you have to look closely if you want to catch it all. With a keen eye and a dark sense of humor, you come to realize that there are plenty of questionable happenings out there. This is the premise of r/theyknew , a collection of all the so-called hilarious ‘coincidences’ that can be found out in the wild. Perhaps we all just have dirty mind…
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Funny dating texts, relationship texts, cringe | Contact Messages Jake heading grocery store. Do need anything new boyfriend. So tampons? Got .

17 Dating Texts That Range From Cute To Totally Cringey

Communication is truly the most important part of a relationship . The way you speak to your partner can really make or break a union. Now that we're all able to contact each other at all hours of the day/night, we have way more opportunities to strengthen or destroy the vibes. These texts , which cover both sides of the spectrum, exist to remind you of what to say and what you should never, EVER, ever say if you want your boo to stick around. If you like these textual tidbits, give @weshouldbr…
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funny retail tweets

Tweets That Capture The Joys Of Working Customer Service

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Have Some Manners, Jeez

Funny meme about old people staring at people with dyed hair and piercings above an image of Shrek staring at something | old people: Don't stare it's rude. Save Old people when they see someone with dyed hair and piercings:
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Askreddit thread wants people to share their funeral horror stories, death, bad things at funerals, depressing | kellywithayy 11h O 1 Award My Mother Law took photo wine glass during lunch had after, and she posted on Facebook. Guess her caption Life is Grand my mother's funeral.

Heinous & Disrespectful Things That Have Happened At Funerals

People are terrible.
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Funny video sketch about a group of Karens fighting with each other at a playground

Video Sketch Imagines How Karens Interact With Each Other In The Wild

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Funny video of a woman getting angry in a Pier 1 Imports store and coughing on the woman filming the video

Total Karen Coughs On Woman And Makes A Scene At Pier 1 Imports

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Funny tweet about how people who snore are "bragging" about sleeping well | Snoring is basically bragging about being asleep, so loudly, that it stops other people from sleeping. It's like lying there screaming "I'M HAVING A LOVELY SLEEP"
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Every Day Of My Life

Funny meme about one's tone of voice sounding much nicer in their head than out loud to other people Moana goddess Te Fiti with a flower crown and in her evil form as a lava monster
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