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Horrible Person Asks Roommate To Pay For Cookies Made With The Roommates Ingredients

Does she have no shame?
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Roommate Memes for Shared Living Space Survivors

Bad roommates. It’s almost a right of passage to be stuck with a person you disdain. Whether it’s your first roommate in your dorm or a random dude subleasing a room in your home, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the titular bad roommate. What justifies someone as a bad roommate? Is it general uncleanliness? An unfriendly attitude? Making as much noise as humanly possible throughout the night? Stealing from you? That’s the beauty of it, terrible roommates can express any given number of awful tra…
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30-Year-Old Babies Refuse to do Dishes, Leaving Disgusting Sink For Other Roommate

It is not hard to be a good roommate. You do your dishes, clean the apartment, avoid being disruptive , and communicate. That's all it takes. Unfortunately, some people cannot execute the most straightforward tenant of being a good roommate, which in my opinion, is doing the dishes. Washing dishes is so easy, and it baffles me that this is one of the most argued-about topics among roommates. On one hand, it makes sense. If your roommate doesn't do their dishes, you will know. The tangible proof…
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Scammer 'Head Tenant' Gets Blasted for Letting Roommates Pay Their Rent

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Roommate Books Hotel Room Due to Lack of Hot Water, Live-In Landlord Refuses to Pay

This tenant took matters into their own hands, and when their live-in landlord let them know that the hot water would be out for the weekend, they booked a hotel room for themselves without saying a word. After pulling a vanishing act for the entire weekend, they returned and hit the landlord with the bill expecting them to pay it. The landlord, Redditor u/SheHadaStaycation, posted this topic to Reddit's r/ AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit, wondering if they were wrong for refusing to pay for t…
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Story about a horrible subleaser accusing the original tenant of gaslighting because he asked for $100 to cover the cost of his TV

Horrible Subleaser Accuses Tenant of "Gaslighting" For Asking Him To Pay $100 For a TV

There's nothing worse than having an impenetrably bad roommate . They refuse to budge no matter how much you ask them to clean or pay their bills. I feel like I could tolerate a roommate that is bad but owns it. Like yeah, they are never around and don't do much around the house, but they at least don't try to make foolish excuses for their poor behavior. The worst breed of roommate is those who are incompetent but try to justify it with psychological concepts to make it seem like you're the on…
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Guy Divides Opinion With Bizarre Method Of “Sitting” On A Chair

How does he get out?
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Passive Aggression Level 100

Someone tweets about how they asked their roommate to take out the trash, and their roommate picks out the individual pieces of trash that they put in
Via anlyin

And that's why my daughter is in a hospital.

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Xbox Rage: Roommate Edition

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Some People Just Go too Far!

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Thanks, Roomie

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How Much of an Idiot Can I Be?

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Both Delicious and Mean-Spirited

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What a Terrible Roommate

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Created by burzum1

A Special Surprise for My Roommate

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Created by freshbru
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