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History Memes For Folks Who Don't Want to Crack Any Books

You don't have to crack open a textbook or a non-fiction account of some historical event to indulge in a little history. Right now, it's perfectly understandable that any of us would want to escape the present with a little trip to the past. But what if we told you that the journey through time could be one that is humorous in nature? I know, we're blowing your minds right now. But it's true. All you have to do to enjoy some historical teachings and humor is scroll through some history memes .…
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Informative Twitter thread about the history of Ancient roman fossil hunting, archaeology, paleontology, dinosaurs, mammoths, extinct animals | Gareth Harney @OptimoPrincipi 1) An ancient Roman-dinosaur- monster-bones thread! Yes read right did know Romans were keen fossil hunters, fascinated by bones ancient "monsters Augustus liked decorate his holiday-villa "not so much with statues and pictures but with | bones monstrous beasts, famed their antiquity and rarity. He called them bones giants

Twitter Thread: A Brief History Of Ancient Roman Fossil Hunting

The more you know.
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Funny dank memes about ancient Roman history | renaissance painting of Caesar getting stabbed posted by user lesbianshepard love professors try use modern slang relate students. my professor referred theater pompey as place where caesar got vibe checked by bunch senators" and lost lesbianshepard Vibe Check (1806) by Vincenzo Camuccini. two muscular arms epic handshake meme about what xerxes and caligula has in common which is both attacking the sea

Fifteen Ancient Roman Memes For The History Connoisseurs

Dank memes and education unite!
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Funny dank memes about history

Dank History Posts That Gave Us A Chuckle

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Funny memes about ancient Rome

Seventeen Ancient Roman Memes For The Back-Stabbers

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Funny memes about ancient history, ancient greece, ancient rome.

40+ Ancient History Memes That'll Make You Feel Smarter

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fascinating tumblr posts

19 Fascinating & Funny Tumblr Posts About History

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I Mean, That Works

Caption that reads, "When you promised your girl a tour of Europe but your wallet says you can't afford plane tickets" above a map of Texas showing all of the cities named after European cities and countries
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Prove It

Funny meme about slaps roof of car, julius caesar, history.
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Those Who Do Not Learn From History

bbc greece history iran political pictures rome - 6136957952
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Give Those Ladies a Scapegoat. Ladies Love Scapegoats.

all the things egypt Ladies Love religion rome - 5510033664
Created by Fuzz_Buzz

You Aren't A Real Goth

goth looting rome - 4530333184
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You Shouldn't Make a Man That Old Run

games pope Pope Benedict XVI religion rome vatican - 3844274944
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So The Pope's a Friend of Dorothy, Eh?

catholics movie reference pope Pope Benedict XVI religion rome wizard of oz - 4443951104
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When in Rome do as the Visigoths did

Insanity Wolf rome - 4384460032
See all captions Created by SchizoInDisguise