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30+ Astronomemes: An Entire UFO Filled With Meme Provisions to Take on Your Next Intergalactic Space Journey

Astronauts, space junk, and aliens– Oh my!
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SpaceX Starship’s 'Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly' Explodes on Twitter

It’s that time of the week! Everyone’s favorite roastee, Elon Musk is trending on Twitter and waiting on your feed. But what’d he do this time? Appeal to Twitter Republicans? Run Twitter further into the ground? Post a 4/20 meme? Not quite, though we can’t rule it out of the immediate future. Today, Elon Musk experienced a “rapid unscheduled disassembly,” or in reality’s terms, his rocket exploded. This morning SpaceX launched its unmanned “Starship” in southern Texas which exploded around four…
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Billionaire Bezos Launches Himself Into Space, Gets Dragged & Roasted Online

Cool spacesuit Bezos, now pay your taxes.
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Groot Guardians of the Galaxy

This Comic Gets at the Groot of a Beautiful Friendship in Guardians of the Galaxy

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Rocket Under Ice

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What Happens When You Get a Rocket Scientist to Repair Your Computer



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Rocket Thwomp

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Hooray for Technology

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Space-X Rocket Take Off And Landing Test

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Looks Like Deadpool Can't Quite Get Liftoff

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The Only Way to Escape With Your Dignity Intact

Awkward rocket comic - 7101161216
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Drone With an Arm

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Challenge Accepted

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Created by deathwish01b
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