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30 Music Memes for Pumping up the Jam

Pump it up
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37 Music Memes That'll Get Stuck in Your Head

I said maybe...
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20+ Spotify Memes for Meticulous Playlist Curators

Consider this a playlist of memes
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42 Beatles Memes to Induce Beatlemania, Peace and Love

Happiness is a warm meme
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Metal Memes for Dark Souls Who Wear Too Much Black

Black socks– the longer you wear them, the blacker they get
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20 Smash Mouth Memes for All Star Memers Who Want to Pay Tribute to Steve Harwell

The years start coming and they don't stop coming
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Music Memes for Music Machines

There’s a lot to laugh about when it comes to music. Whether you’re a band nerd, hobbyist, producer, metalhead, or whatever else , it doesn’t matter. If you know anything about music, you can find some humor in making fun of it. Now, I'm no expert on music. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become familiar with the basics. I grew up playing alto sax and I’ve played bass for a few bands. Casual stuff. If there’s anything I’ve learned, band kids are ostracized for a reason, and people who…
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Rock Music Memes for Genuine Rockers

While I definitely feel like I have a wide variety of music genres that I listen to these days, I was undoubtedly a rock music kid. I grew up in a rock n' roll household and was constantly exposed to the music. I'm also a long-time bass and guitar player. Although I very much vibe with rock music, it was pretty much all that was available to me, so that's what I ran with. Although, I can't understate how big of an impact the first few “Guitar Hero” games had on my musical taste. I can still rol…
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Third Grade Teacher Shows Students Talking Heads, Shares Hilarious Results

"It's a little OK"
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30+ SpongeBob-Themed Recreations of Famous Album Covers

What if your favorite album existed in the SpongeBob Squarepants universe ? Well you don't have to imagine, because someone's done it for you, and it's amazing. The Photoshop wizards behind Instagram account ‘ Albums of Bikini Bottom ’ have posted over one thousand SpongeBob -themed album art recreations since their first in 2019. That's pretty impressive for a shitposter, let alone an account making some very creative original content. We've picked out some of our favorites from @albumsofbikin…
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20+ Cringey Music Fails & Moments

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Machine Gun Kelly Disses Slipknot at Riot Fest, Corey Taylor Claps Back on Twitter

Tussling with UFC champ Conor McGregor at the MTV Video Music Awards apparently wasn't enough drama for Machine Gun Kelly . Hungry for the beef, MGK recently dissed Slipknot at Riot Fest while the two were performing simultaneously on different stages. In the middle of his set, MGK pressed pause on the hip hop to address the crowd, 'Hey, you wanna know what I'm really happy that I'm not doing? Being 50 years old wearing a f-cking weird mask on a f-cking stage talking shit.' Once a wild boy, alw…
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Funny memes for metalheads, metal memes,

20+ Metal Memes For True Heads

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That Time Lil' Jon, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg & David Banner Performed As KoRn In 'Twisted Transistor'

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Uh, No Thanks

Funny tweet that reads, "Any geologists or beachcombers out there know what this is, or should I just accept that it's 2020, of course rocks have grown teeth, and move on?" above photos of a rock that appears to have been split in half and is being kept together by a substance that looks like teeth
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So Brave

Funny meme about how the foo fighters are protecting society from foo
Via @memebase
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