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'Robotnik Pressing Red Button' Memes Celebrate Peoples Bad Choices

We've all been there.
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U Mad, Brobotnik?

robotnik funny - 8971473920
Created by tamaleknight

Driven to Drink

robotnik eggman sonic - 8590612736
Created by tamaleknight

The Real Truth...

robotnik smashing nigel thornberry sonic - 8335717632
Created by Kazuo1G ( Via awkwardsonicphotos )

Robotnik Has Learned From His Enemies

robotnik video game logic sonic - 7906885376
Created by BloodyThumbsDown

Stop Building Such Dumb Things Robotnik!

enemies comics robotnik funny sonic - 7456171264
Via Angimoto

I am the Eggman!

robotnik eggman sonic - 6867570688
Created by 587K