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40+ Hilarious Sci-Fi Memes To Fill Your Nerdy Needs (July 24, 2023)

Happy Monday, nebulous nerds and science fiction sycophants ! It's that time when your geeky impulses are finally rewarded. To kick start your week, we've prepared a treasure of galactic memes that have been handpicked just for sci-fi fanatics. I've spent the past week viewing just about every quintessential 1980s sci-fi movie. "Terminator 2," “Aliens,” “Robocop,” “The Thing,” “Blade Runner,” and finally, “Predator.” I've had an itch for 80s horror recently and, regardless of genre, these are t…
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Which One is Yours?

robocop baby web comic
Via dragonarte

Poor Robocop

funny hair robocop manly - 8340052480
Via The Punchline Is Machismo

Robocop Pitching in Detroit

wtf gifs baseball robocop - 8212356608
FAIL Samuel L Jackson Local News robocop - 58380801

News Anchor Confuses Samuel L. Jackson With Laurence Fishburne, And It Gets Awkward Real Fast

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honest trailers robocop - 57993729

Honest Trailers - The RoboCop Edition

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commercial wtf robocop - 54668289

Weird Tube of the Day: 1980s Korean Fried Chicken Ad Featuring Robocop

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Robocop 2014 Totally Looks Like The Tick

totally looks like robocop funny - 7782071808

next movizz be gud

robocop - 7782462976

ED-209 Looks a Little Different

costume gifs ed 209 awesome robocop funny - 7645704192

A Solution for Detroit

sad but true robocop funny - 7549270784
Created by Phydeux

RoboCop 2013 Totally Looks Like Crysis 2 Nanosuit

totally looks like robocop funny - 7549913856
Created by spyrosucks

ED 209 Promo Video

awesome ed 209 gifs Movies and TV remake robocop robots - 6411457280

Robocop Says, "Game Over"

game over gifs Movies and TV ouch robocop - 6162212352


awesome batman ed 209 gifs robin robocop win - 5968026624
Via batmanrunningawayfroms**

Robocop Rescuing Sting

gifs robocop sting win wrestling - 5878548480
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