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"Like it or not, that's history right there" meme.

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Article about Stefan Karl Stefansson passing away from cancer, lazytown, robbie rotten.

RIP Robbie Rotten: Memers Mourn The Untimely Death Of Stefán Karl Stefánsson

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Collection of memes celebrating Stefan Karl Stefansson's cancer free status, he beat cancer, memes from dank memes.

Stefán Karl Stefánsson Is Cancer-Free And Reddit Is Obviously Celebrating With Memes

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Oldie But Goodie

Funny meme of Robbie Rotten and a zepplin/blimp over a Youtube description that says Hindenberg disaster footage
Via Dank Memes Gang
Collection of memes in support of Stefan Karl Stefansson, of Lazy Town, who plays Robbie Rotten. He is fighting terminal cancer.

Memers Come Together In Support Of Cancer-Stricken Actor Stefan Karl Stefansson

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Now watch and learn, here's the deal

we are number one robbie rotten - 9000545792
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Wir sind die Nummer eins

we are number one robbie rotten - 9000545536
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This is going down

Via ShampooWithLegs

Don't be so Rotten.

robbie rotten - 9000387840
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Are you... a real rebel?

we are number one robbie rotten - 9000413184
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