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Jean Valjeans of Reddit Share What Is Deemed "Okay" To Steal

Many people are in agreement that stealing is bad. But most of those people are narcs. You know, parents, teachers , business owners. When I was younger I was into shoplifting. I would lift makeup from corporate drugstores and give the goods to girls in my homeroom in the hopes of making friends. The friendship thing didn't really pan out, and eventually I got caught trying to pocket some Maybelline mascara. All I was left with was CVS-related PTSD and anxious flashbacks whenever “Soak Up the S…
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Zoomer Reacts to Convenience Store Robbery by Recording TikTok, Sparking Mixed Responses

There's nothing Gen Z won't TikTok , including robbery at gunpoint. When people criticized TikToker @urfavehotmilf's risky decision to record a potentially dangerous situation in realtime, she sardonically replied, “anything for the content.” @urfavehotmilf I should have never went😩 #iwishihadatimemachine #winterolympics #scarystories ♬ Time Machine - Muni Long
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YouTuber Recovers Stolen Car and Reveals What Robbers Left Behind in Funny 'Unboxing' Video

Just four days after YouTuber Blake Rosier 's car got stolen, the police recovered the vehicle and arrested the bandits, but that wasn't the end of it. The car thieves left behind a chaotic mess of bizarre novelty objects, illegal drugs, food, clothing, and a bunch of other crap. Rosier documented the contents of his recovered car in a hilarious “unboxing” video. In the video, Rosier examines a handsaw and a pile of Smurfs as he wonders whether the thieves knew who he was and did it as a prank .
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Drunken Dumpling Thieves Caught on Camera Raiding Popular Noodle Spot

You can't fry a dumpling in cold water
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Video of dude lighting cigarette while being held at gunpoint.

Dude Shows Next-Level Badassery By Lighting Cigarette While Being Held At Gunpoint

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Stick To The Stuff You Know!

Tweet that reads, "The guy in High School Musical who said, 'I play the cello' was arrested for robbing a pizza place at gunpoint" above a Tumblr comment that reads, "Should've stuck to the status quo"
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Funny video of a canadian robbery, yakety sax benny hill.

Canadian Robbery Attempt Gone Hilariously Wrong Is So, So Right

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That's All It Takes

Funny meme about a robber who steals his victim's heart.
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Have To Take This

Funny meme about robbing a house when your crush texts you, stock photo of a man in a ski mask texting.
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You Got Me

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Watch This Service Station Employee Supercharged on Adrenaline Defend Himself During Robbery With Candy

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If You Insist

web comics dating robbery If You Insist
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Anything but the Phone!

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cute cats web comics Diabolical!
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He Was Going to Share!

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This Taco Restaurant Hilariously Turned Footage of a Break-In Into an Ad for Their Business

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