Funny, rare and creative insults from Reddit

Rare and Creative Insults From the Ready Wordsmiths of the Internet

There are many different types of intelligence in this world. Some people are mathematical whizzes who do seemingly needless equations just for kicks. They can do complex math in their head and calculate tips within seconds. Then there are the artistic geniuses, who understand how to create masterpieces with paints, pencils, sculptural materials, or even garbage they find on the street. I've always envied science nerds who actually understand space and time, the physics of everything. There are…
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Funny and clever comebacks from smart people on the internet, people making fun of Elon Musk

Clever Comebacks and Righteous Retorts From Internet Geniuses

It's a tale as old as time. After a long day of staring at your screen in anger, you're standing (or maybe sitting, crying) in the shower. Just trying to wash away the agony of the day. As you lather up your hair with sweet-smelling shampoo, there it is. A “Eureka!” moment. No, not the meaning of life. But the perfect zinger that would have absolutely destroyed that annoying bully in the office cafeteria, or perhaps that obnoxious Twitter troll you wanted to clobber with words. It's unfortunate…
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Cringey incel, twitter, manifesto, lolita, people respond and react to incel's crazy facebook group post, creepy guy

People Roast Creepy Incel For Crazy Facebook Manifesto

The phenomenon of incels taking to the internet to air out their unhinged frustration toward women is nothing new. At this point in time, it's pretty much expected. It feels as though there's always some dude lurking behind a Twitter or Reddit corner, waiting to explain some intellectual subject to a woman who a) doesn't know who this dude is and b) really, really doesn't want to hear it. It's often under the guise of connection. And it usually results in rejection. And sometimes, after being r…
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insults, jokes, funny jokes, funny, memes, reddit, ask reddit, reddit thread, clever insults, roasts

Clever Cuss-Free Insults From the Poets of Reddit

A good insult is a beautiful thing, and anyone who has spent some time on Reddit knows that many patrons of the infamous website understand the art of the roast. One user recently asked the people of Reddit to share their favorite cuss word-free insults, and boy did r/AskReddit deliver. We've put together a collection of some of our favorite rude remarks from the entertaining thread.
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rare insults, insults, roasts, youtube, youtube comments, reddit, witty comebacks, burn, facebook, facebook comments | His beard looks like he fell asleep at party | Elon Musk's mom on raising successful kids didn't treat them like babies or scold them' 11K 191 Comments 878 Shares Like? Comment Share They all look like they are about unhinge their jaws and swallow marsupial.

Brutal Burns From The Internet's Poets of Cruelty

Delightfully brutal burns
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Funny tweets about fashion fails, fashion roasts, burns, savage, lol

Victims of the Fashion Police Share Funny Tales of Being Roasted

Fashion is funny. The other night at karaoke I saw two women dressed like a post-9/11 nightmare. Those child-proof bandanas you can tie. Their G-string thongs peeking from their heinously low-rise jeans. Baby-sized baby pink tees with Abercrombie logos. As a millennial who was denied all of these things by a strict mother , it brought back some serious feelings. Fashion choices, such as these, can inspire a lot of emotions and reactions. Anger. Sadness. And most hilariously, disgust and mockery…
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Funny insults, spicy insults, clapbacks | elentube #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres Can This Teenager Use Rotary Phone? 2.7M views 4 days ago 56K 6.6K Share Download Save day ago "Oh look at these stupid kids. They can't use rotary phone. They can't use phone book M Wow s almost like as technology advances, older things slowly become useless and obsolete. Kind like Ellen.. | Replying Girl so basic if spilled vinegar on dissolve into foam like wicked which. 23:40 16 Aug 19 Twitter Android 25

Spicy Insults & Clapbacks That Bring The Heat

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shirtless-elon-musk roasts elon musk tweets mykonos - 17483781

Roasty Memes & Tweets About Elon Musk Shirtless in Mykonos

Listen. It's not cool to body shame. But. Sometimes it is. When we're talking about obscenely wealthy d-bag Elon Musk . Or Mark Zuckerberg. The former's been getting a whole lot of flack following the release of photos from his recent vacation to the island of Mykonos in Greece. The tech billionaire is pictured on his yacht, and in some photos, is getting a proper hose down from a man by the name of Ari Emanuel. The photos are not very flattering - something that the people of Twitter were very…
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Funny memes, tweets, and reactions to the Met Gala 2022 Gilded Age, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian

The Best Reactions, Memes and Fails of the 2022 Met Gala

The Met Gala has long been Twitter's favorite opportunity to express disgust over the frivolities of the wealthy , and last night's ‘Gilded Age’ event was no exception. Celebrities flocked to show off their shockingly expensive fits (and lack thereof) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's fundraiser, and the keyboard smashing couch-sitters were more than happy to offer up their memes, reactions, sartorial takedowns and general commentary. One of the overarching themes of the criticism focuses on…
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Funny reactions to Star WArs hotel, $5000, SFGate, Star Wars hotel reviews, claustropobic

People React to and Riff On Disney's $5000 Star Wars Hotel

Look. We know that a lot of people love Disney. As a kid, you're basically trained to want to go to one of their tricked out amusement parks. You want to see Goofy's goofiness up close, meet a princess in a floofy gown, and stand in line for over an hour with your disgruntled parents who would rather be drinking. After a while you grow up, and while you do want to go to Disneyland for some rides, you also want to spend more time at the Trader Sam's tiki bar, drinking until you get into an explo…
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murdered by words, owned, witty comebacks, stupid people, smart people, roasts, funny, memes, funny tweets, twitter, facebook, covid-19, covid-19 vaccine, anti-vaxxers, karen | thankfully 's been taken off streets doing God's work mate lost an ancestor sword just like 13th century | Marc Bernardin O @marcbernardin Diabetes? McDonald's O @McDonalds 3d ok fine secret Santa guess got Show this thread

22 Epic Times People Won With Their Words

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Funny times people were roasted to a crisp, roasts, comebacks, clever comebacks, funny comments, reddit | r/AskReddit is an actual sub serious flat earthers? Posted by u 50m Discussion Share Vote 21 BEST COMMENTS 50m r/mentalillness Reply 1 Vote | 's address spendin night 5720 SW 21st St Are playin? dats Helping Hands Humane Society yeah know. they take strays don't Delivered reddit Posted r/FemaleDatingStrategy by u/eng2fly

Sassy & Spicy Times People Were Destroyed By Words

Some of these HURT.
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roasts parenting funny Video tiktok - 2953478

Salty Compilation of Parents Roasting Their Kids on TikTok

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Twitter users roast DJ Khaled for playing guitar badly, fail, bob marley, marley family, roasted, insulted, hilarious

DJ Khaled Roasted For Cringey Attempt at Guitar Playing

Surprise, surprise. Pleasing women isn't the only thing DJ Khaled is woefully bad at. The revelation came after the DJ and producer was gifted a new commemorative Bob Marley guitar by Guild and the Marley family. The instrument came with a personal note from the Marleys, explaining that they wanted Khaled to be one of the first to play the guitar as he has immense respect for the beloved musician. Unfortunately for them, it appears the sentiment was a huge mistake. Why? Because the dude can bar…
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Twitter roasts James Corden over Amazon Studios Flash MOb in Los Angeles with Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel

Everyone's Roasting James Corden For Gyrating in Cringey Amazon Flash Mob

The flash mob nobody asked for.
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Funny tweets making fun of Mike Richards for declaring himself host of Jeopardy

People Are Not Happy About the New Host Of Jeopardy

We miss you, Alex
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