road rage

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Cow Causes Road Chaos, Prompts Jokes And Speculation From Twitter

They had beef
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New York Driver Prompts Debate After Comical Response To Road Rage

From seasoned taxi drivers to freshly granted license holders, anyone who has driven in the big smoke will tell you that it’s an entirely stressful experience. All the traffic jams, toll rates and angry drivers are enough to put anyone on edge; it’s nothing short of a miracle that people don’t snap more often. However, when they do the results can be explosive. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, as @bcheungz has proved. The Twitter user has recently gone viral after capturing an altercation…
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I'm The BEST

Fake book title that reads, "Everybody Sucks at Driving but Me - An Autobiography"
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So Rude.

"How dare you drive the speed limit when I'm late to something due to my own poor time management skills"
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You Should Never Cut Off a Semi Truck

web comics ai road rage You Should Never Cut Off a Semi Truck
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driving memes image I'm GOING!
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impression road rage Video - 79859457

Watching This Guy Demonstrate 15 Types of Road Rage Will Make You Angry Just Thinking About All That Traffic

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The Sweet Sounds of British Road Rage

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Ronnie Pickering is the Most Famous Man You've Never Heard of, and His Rage is Taking the Internet by Storm

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breaking bad Gladiator road rage eminem rihanna remix - 74575617

If You Don't Know Who Ronnie Pickering is Now, You'll Definitely Remember Him After This Video

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road rage driving Video - 74574081

On the Roads of Britain, Watch Out for Ronnie Pickering

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This is the Reason Why Traffic Sucks So Much

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Canada road rage Video win police - 72689409

Canadians Handle Road Rage Like a Boss

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Meanwhile in Chicago

wtf gifs fight road rage chicago - 8469165568
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Unwarranted Road Rage

poker face road rage driving stop sign - 8453976320
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That's Why Bulls Don't Drive Cars

road rage driving bulls web comics - 8377939712
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