Most of the time, you can't tell.

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Ted Cruz's Poorly Received RNC Speech Gets a Bad Lip Readingß

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'Trump or False' Is Stephen Colbert's Terrifying New Game Show

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Pokémon pokemon go donald trump parody rnc Video politics - 81581313

Trumpémon Go! is All About Catching the Minorities at the RNC

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Trump meme with a Late Show impression of Melania's speech

Melania Trump Defends Her Speech on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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jimmy fallon donald trump parody rnc Video - 81548801

Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump Addresses Melania's Speech

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Music stephen colbert rnc Video - 81522177

Stephen Colbert Sums Up the Republican National Convention in Song and Dance

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Paul Ryan's Fitness Commercial

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It's My New Support Group

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To Be Fair, Balloons Are Really Exciting

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Sometimes Life is a Vindictive Cameraman

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Nobody Can Tell They're Not Real

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What We Did NOT Hear Him Say...

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They Haven't Even Cut Me Off Yet

drunk john mccain rnc - 6563052800
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This Is the Bangy End, Right?

derp face gavel mitch mcconnell rnc - 6553592832
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