odd weird craigslist ads

Strange & Funny Craigslist Ads Posted By People Who Tried Their Best

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Video from Cracked about how AmazonDesign rips off other companies designs, like Peak design, jeff bezos, plagiarism

How Amazon Blatantly Rips Off Its Competitors With Zero Shame

This one's for you, Jeff Bezos.
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Hard Truth

Funny tweet that reads, "If someone's job requires an 'appreciation week' it means they're not getting paid enough"
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article 13 knockoff memes

Article 13 Has Inspired Some Hysterical Knockoff Memes

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This Is A Ripoff

Tweet that reads, "Not to sound politically unaware but did you guys know Fox News has absolutely no news about foxes"
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Being An Adult Is A Ripoff

"My fondest childhood memory is not having to spend 40 hours a week with people who make me feel angry and tired so that I can afford to buy paper towels and laundry detergent"
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Pokémon ripoff Video Game Coverage - 77888769

This Unofficial Pokémon Game Turns Your Favorite Pocket Monsters Into Anime Babes

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What a Deal!

wtf consoles PlayStation 4 ripoff xbox one - 8299862528
Via Game Fanatics

Execs Hard at Work

caption DLC ripoff - 6265708800
By Orcbert

Microsoft's Answer

master chief playstation all-stars ripoff super smash bros xbox - 6165995520
By Unknown

The World Has Officially Run Out of Ideas

angry birds ripoff seems legit the internets - 6111712256
By Regrubezeehc

Troll Science: Sure to End the Oil Crisis

infinite energy ripoff shakespeare troll science - 4439957760
By ConnorBlikre