Logan Paul Praised For Passionate Black Lives Matter Speech

Problematic Youtube star Logan Paul doesn't have the best track record where ethics are concerned. Between his controversial Suicide Forest video from 2017 and some offensive views on homosexuality, Logan Paul was pretty low on our list of people who might be able to make a difference in the Black Lives Matter movement. But the elder Paul brother has surprised most of the internet with a passionate and sincere episode of 'Impaulsive' that decries police brutality and bluntly states that "America is racist."

Logan Paul and his co-hosts spend the episode explaining the explosive situation at hand, and the problem of racism within the police force. They applaud protesters for destroying Confederate monuments and beg followers to take action against racism. The most widely praised moment of the hour-long episode is when Paul confesses to his audience: "Listen closely. One of my biggest learnings from all of this and I am embarrassed that it has taken me 25 years to realize this: It is not enough to be 'not racist'. You have to be anti-racist."

Those are some powerful words to relay to an audience of over 2.26 million. And it's a much better message than the one left by his younger brother, Jake Paul, who was filmed with looters in Arizona. Logan's choice to urge his audience to do better is a move we admire - and one that many people of Twitter seem to admire, too.

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