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Rihanna as SpongeBob SquarePants Memes: A Thread

The whole internet seems to be talking about Rihanna right now. Everywhere you turn there's a new picture of the pop star on the beach in a sequined bikini looking extremely pregnant and not giving two f*cks. But you know what people aren't talking about? This perfect Twitter thread of Rihanna pictures matched perfectly with stills from S pongeBob SquarePants . If you have a passion for both celebrities and shitposts, today is your lucky day. Enjoy.
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50 of the Funniest Memes & Roasts About the Met Gala's Oddest Looks

Last night, the lavish and decadent 2021 Met Gala broke the internet for the first time since 2019 , due to Covid-related cancellations and postponements. Perhaps starved for some new memetic excitement, Twitter was on fire with the memes last night. Even a snowclone meme emerged as the event was still taking place. Twitter users posted absurdist images of various characters edited onto the red carpet, captioned, '[name] has arrived at the Met Gala.' Throwbacks to past Met Gala memes were repos…
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33 Hilarious Memes To Help You Forget That It's The Worst Day Of The Week

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28 Dumb Memes That'll Improve Your Quality Of Life, Maybe

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It's Tragic

Caption that reads, "Me in the photos I upload vs. me in photos I'm tagged in" above a pic of Rihanna looking attractive next to a terrible photo of her
Via FuMarvchu
Funny memes, random funny memes.

34 Time-Wasting Memes That'll Eradicate Life's Monotony

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16 Hysterical Drake Memes That'll Put You On Your Worst Behavior

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Rihanna Arguing Meme Perfectly Describes Every Stupid Couples Fight

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30+ Amusing Memes Just To Get You Through The Day

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Funny tweets about big dick energy. rihanna. pete davidson. ariana grande. chris evans.

'Big Dick Energy' Is The Internet's New Favorite Slang Term

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40+ Silly Memes To Improve Your God-Awful Day

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People Are Sarcastically Recreating Rihanna's Body Lava Demo On A Budget

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Lord Help Us

Funny meme that combines all the memes of July into one giant meme.
Via adam.the.creator

So True

funy meme with a picture of rihanna on jet skis used to illustrate saying "omw" vs saying "on my way!
Via mytherapistsays
Collection of funny memes about fidget spinners, dating, relationships, rihanna, batman, rick and morty, the office, school, work, drinking, friends, friendship, alcohol.

Lunch Break: 21 Funny Memes to Lighten Your Load

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Funny meme of a tinder conversation that turns into a joke about chris brown beating rihanna.
Via memezar
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