rick roll

Never Gonna Make a Mix

rick roll - 5247806720
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Give Up Hope

megan fox rick roll Yahoo Answer Fails - 5228985600
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Trust That Link

Pie Chart rick roll - 5204082688
Created by pocketpiglet

Thundercats, HO!

cartoons rick roll - 5142205440
Created by adria_nyxx

You're Up Then You're Down

Omegle rick roll spymode up - 5174373120
Created by jerretsmannequin

Don't Give Up on Rick!

facebook give up owned rick roll - 5154927360
Created by luke schroder

No One's Going to Click That!

lemon party rick roll shock sites - 5098057216
Created by microcozm

Proof That Time Magazine Reads Memebase

internet IRL magazines Memes president rick roll time - 5069577472
Created by fruitsmoothie456

Try Their Gelato Rolls!

IRL Memes rick roll - 5027626240
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Give This Up

burn CD lol Rage Comics rick roll - 4976965888
Created by Unknown

Lyric Nazibot

Cleverbot correction lyrics rick roll - 4570738944
Created by Keezykaz

Nash Rolled

hockey IRL rick roll - 4570809344
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Get an A

first letter IRL rick roll win - 4947936768
Created by Some_other_guy

Bitter Tears? He Lied!

Bad Translator never gonna give you up rick roll tears - 4896303616
Created by Gee

Internet, Y U No In Real Life?

internet Memes Rage Comics real life rick roll - 4822960128
Created by Unknown

God = Rick Astley?!

facebook god quotes rick roll - 4746275328
Created by nightowl3090