rick astley

Tasty, Tasty Trolling

rickroll rick astley - 6720398080
Created by PetePete

Misunderstood Rick

Canada facebook rick astley - 6567851264
Created by CanadErik

Gives You Up, Lets You Down

bad luck brian Memes never gonna give you up rick astley - 6343610112
Created by Bazang

Did I Just Get GraphRoll'd?

rick astley venn diagram - 6240409088
Via Hello With Cheese

He Told a Lie and Hurt Me

forever alone liar rick astley Sad - 5616189440
See all captions Created by Unknown

Never Gonna See My Stash

pr0n rick astley - 5486119424
Created by DanGoRawr

Too Bad You Can't Teach It Rollout

Pokémon rick astley - 5335946496
Created by Mike

Net Noob Is Never Gonna Live This Down

Net Noob rick astley Video - 5177637120
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

Net Noob's Favorite Song!

Music Net Noob rick astley rickroll song - 5042429952
Created by Revenge2404

Philosoraptor: He's the One Who Started It

hmm Music philosoraptor rick astley rickroll - 4966860800
See all captions Created by Joe

The Most Interesting Troll in the World

let down rick astley rickroll the most interesting man in the world - 4892217344
See all captions Created by Waka_hun

Google's Been Rickrolled

google lyrics Memes rick astley rickroll - 4884437760
Created by consumerofrage


Challenge Accepted justin beiber rick astley the internets - 4788165632
See all captions Created by kenbez123

I May Give You Up...

rick astley rick roll the internets titanic - 4754346752
See all captions Created by warspeed7

Never Gonna Give You Up

Music Pie Chart repeat rick astley Songs - 4741829888
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Click That Link

link Pie Chart rick astley rick roll Video youtube - 4543249408
Created by trollfacedewd